Worth Less parent letter Oct 2018

Friday, 12th October, 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

Update: School Funding Campaign

Thank you for the support that many of you offered me and the 2000 other headteachers who took part in the Worth Less? protest in Westminster on Friday 28th September.

It is clear from the emails that colleagues and I received that our parent and carer community overwhelmingly supports the need for much improved investment in our schools.   The Worth Less? campaign took a letter about this to the Chancellor and when he responds, we will let you know.  We will watch with interest to see how he responds to our requests in the Autumn Statement on Monday 29th October.

Headteachers across the country hope very much that the Government and the Department for Education will stop providing parents and the wider public with misleading information about spending on schools.  You can read more about this in these articles on the BBC and the Times Educational Supplement.

It is entirely wrong to suggest that Government spending on schools is much higher than in other comparable countries, when the Department for Education tries to include spending by families on university tuition fees and independent school fees.  This adds billions of pounds to headline data but has absolutely no effect on funding for our schools. It is a completely unacceptable way of defending real term cuts.

Some parents and carers have asked how they can support the drive for improved funding.  There are several ways you can do this. You can write to your own MP, using the information in the letter from Eliza Low, our Chair of Governors, sent last week and included again in this week’s Bulletin.  It is also available here on our website. The Worth Less? campaign has also informed me that there will be a national day of parental action on 19th October.  For more information please use the hashtag #parentsteachersunite on Twitter or Facebook.  

Thank you again for your support. The Worth Less? campaign will remain reasonable and determined with a single goal of ensuring that every school and pupil receive a much better deal in the near future.


Yours faithfully,

K. Pugh


Worth Less parent letter Oct 2018