Early School Closure All Years – Tuesday 24th September,  2019 Student Independent Study Afternoon


Dear Parent/Carer,

As per the School calendar, next week, on Tuesday, September 24th, the School will be holding its Staff Appraisal meetings. In order for this to take place students in all Years will be dismissed from school at the end of period 3 at 11.55am. Please make the necessary arrangements to expect your child home earlier on this day.

Independent Study Afternoon

During this time, if your child is in Year 7-11, they will have received work to complete independently to facilitate the skills students need to develop as part of the revision process.  We believe this is a valuable exercise for all students. Completing a range of set tasks on one topic helps students understand that the revision process involves much more than simply re-reading a text. This activity means students have to think and engage with the material taught in order to truly learn it.   The resources can be accessed by students on their Google Classroom as listed by subject below:

  • Year 13        Students should be working on their personal statements and UCAS applications ahead of UCAS lock in 10th October. 
  • Year 12        Students should access their subject specific Independent Learning Materials via the folder in their Passport Google Classroom and complete the weekly tasks for each of their subjects. Subject teachers may also set specific work for students to complete. 
  • Year 11           English 
  • Year 9/10     Religion Ethics & Philosophy (REP)
  • Year 8            History
  • Year 7            Maths  

Please do engage in this revision process with your child on the evening of the 24th and see how active their revision or independent research has been. 

Yours faithfully,

Ms F Congdon

Assistant Headteacher – Intervention & Progress