Dear Parents and Carers,

I am writing to advise you that there were 3 nominations for the recently advertised position of Parent Governor.  Therefore, an election will take place. 

Please find below three short statements written by the nominees. 

You can vote in one of two ways:

  • using the slip at the bottom of this page, which can be handed in to Reception (please provide all the information requested, if the section giving your name and your child’s details is not completed your vote will not be valid and therefore discounted)
  • online (you will have received an email which explains how to do this)

Please vote for one candidate only. 

A hard copy voting slip is available from Reception, if required.


Voting ends: Thursday, 14th November 2019.

Ms Sharon Julien 

My daughter Mia, is in Year 7N.

As a co-opted governor at my old secondary school in London, I was an active member of the Finance and HR committees, and played a key role in setting and implementing the strategy.

I vowed that when I had my own child, I would become a parent governor, so when I heard about the vacant governor post – I had to apply.

I work at the Bank of England and have worked within the Financial Services sector for many years; managing large complex: programmes, budgets and multi-disciplinary teams. I also volunteer in schools in: recruitment fairs, mentoring, interview practice and CV workshops.

With my skills, experience and as a black woman, from a working class background; I believe I will enrich the governing body by providing a diverse perspective resulting in a positive difference for all of the parents, and girls at the school.


Mrs Rebecca Carrigan

My daughter is in Year 7.

I am thrilled at the prospect of bringing my skills, integrity and experience to the role to ensure a well-rounded education for the benefit of all current and future students. 

I run an events/catering/cake company following 20 years in the film business.  I bring a conscientious, proactive work ethic, an ability to be objective and diplomatic in the face of tough decision-making, working with challenging budgets to solve innumerable problems and keeping the wheels turning!  

My parent governorship at All Souls Primary is about to end and I look forward to new challenges that the secondary phase of my daughter’s education brings. On the learning and achievement committee, I worked with progress data to target resources to ensure the school had the best impact on every student in its care.  As link governor for SEND I helped set up a new Autism centre and I was PTA Chair for five years.  Until recently I was part of the Economic Development, Education and Place Shaping (EDEPS) Policy and Scrutiny Committee for Westminster.


Dr Simon Manara

I have a very happy daughter Elöise who is in Year 7H and so will be in involved at the school for the next five years.

I am a specialist orthodontist by profession working in the local area since 2002. At my daughter’s previous school I enjoyed being involved with the numerous parent association events and served as co-chair for two years.  I was privileged to be elected to serve as Parent Governor which was a wonderful opportunity to be able to see the workings of the school.

I am passionate about developing lifelong opportunities for children and believe that pastoral care, rigorous academic structures and engaging extracurricular activities lie at the heart of any happy and successful childhood. 

I am keen to advise, support staff and help ensure that St Marylebone School achieves all the success it is capable of.  As a governor I offer commitment, and enthusiasm to make a difference: striving for academic excellence and working to improve communication between the governing body and parents.


Yours faithfully,

Kathryn Pugh




Please return to Dot at Reception by 3:30pm on Thursday, 14th November 2019

Please vote for one candidate only.


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Safety on autumn and winter nights

Dear students, parents and carers,

I’d like to remind you all about safety out on the streets at night, notably around Bonfire Night and as we go into the Christmas season when you may be travelling in the dark.  Please be extra vigilant about your own safety and consider  the following things:

– Don’t go out alone in the dark. Make sure that you plan your journey so that you are travelling with a friend and you let your parent / carer know where you are.

– Be mindful of your personal possessions. Do not have any valuables on display and be careful about where you use your telephone. You should not make yourself a target for street robbery.

 – Walk away from trouble, not towards it. If you see something that looks unsafe you should trust your instincts and move away from the situation. 

 – If you see rowdy or anti-social behaviour, do not join in, do not take an interest, walk away from it and make sure that you are not associated with it in any way.

 – Act in a kind and considerate way to members of the public and the police. 

If you are concerned about any of the issues raised in this please do speak with a member of the Pastoral Team.

Best wishes,

Ms Swan


The bulletin for the start of the new academic year (week starting Monday 4th November 2019) is available using the following link.  It also highlights many of the wonderful events students did during activity week.

(You can also see the archive of bulletins using the link in the menu above).

Week 9 Issue 8

Attendance Bulletin

Friday 1st November

Dear parents and carers,

I hope you all had a restful half-term.  I’m writing to remind you of our attendance expectations so that we can work together to ensure that students attend school unless they are really very unwell. 

This is an 8 week term. It’s the term in which students tend to get colds and minor ailments and, as the evenings draw in, students’ attendance levels drop.  No-one likes having a cough or a cold but a good deal of the time, we are not too unwell to go to school or work. Quite often, young people feel better once they get into school, into their lessons and see their friends. So, we urge you all to send your children to school unless they are seriously unwell.

We know that there is a strong link between progress, attainment and attendance: if a student misses school they are missing out on their learning.  The figures below show you approximately how attendance rates correspond to lost learning:

Attendance rate %

Days missed by the end of the Autumn term (approx)

Days missed by the end of the Spring term (approx)

Days missed by the end of the Summer term (approx)


0 days

0 days

0 days


4 days

7 days

10 days


7 days

13 days

20 days


11 days

19 days

30 days

95% attendance = 10 days absent = 60 lessons missed

90% attendance = 20 days absent = 120 lessons missed 

85% attendance = 30 days absent = 180 lessons missed

Missed school time means … 

  • missed lessons which cannot be re-gained just by reading the notes afterwards; the live experience is where the learning happens
  • lost learning time which can feel stressful for students as there are gaps in their knowledge when they return
  • time lost with friends which can lead to anxiety and a sense of being left out. 
  • missed opportunities, for example support at help clubs, mentor support, trips, clubs, extra-curricular activities, speaker talks, competitions, sports, arts … and so on. 

Of course, there might be times when a student is genuinely not well enough to attend school but, for all the reasons above and more, we ask that we all work together to improve our young people’s school attendance.

Thank you for your support and we wish you all a healthy, happy second half of the autumn term. 

Best wishes,

Sarah Swan
Deputy Headteacher