St Marylebone School is now closed.

From Friday 20th March until further notice, St Marylebone School is closed, in line with government instruction.

We opened in the week of 23rd March only for certain groups of students in line with government instruction. The number attending was extremely low. Having worked closely with those families and following the government’s advice, we have established that these children and the staff required to support them are safer at home than travelling to school and mixing with others. As such, the School is now closed to everyone.

Contacting the School:
If parents or carers need to contact a member of staff, visit this page  and scroll down to find out how to email them. This page includes information about staff email addresses, safeguarding contacts and SEN.  Students should contact their teachers only via Google Classroom.

Students learning at home:
As per the closure letters, students are all being set work on Google Classroom to complete at home. All communication with teachers about this school work should be via Google Classroom.

We will also soon set up a way for parents to get weekly updates about what school work has been set on Google Classroom for their child. There are also lots of resources on websites such as Newsround, BBC Bitesize and BBC Teach which help parents know what kind of learning their child could be doing.

Over the next few days, we will add a webpage to the School’s website giving guidance on supporting children with additional learning needs.

Students’ wellbeing mental health and safety online:

This is of course on our minds. We recommend that the day is structured, not unlike the school day, with designated learning time, breaks for exercise, play and eating. Time away from screens and phones is really important.

Guidance about wellbeing, mental health and staying safe online can be read here.

Free School Meals:
The Department for Education is planning to launch a national voucher scheme for pupils entitled to Free School Meals. In the meantime the School intends to issue Sainsbury’s e-Gift Cards to parents / carers of these pupils. We expect to be able to do this in the coming days by text, which will provide a link to an e-Gift Card that can be presented on a mobile phone in store or, if preferred, printed off on paper to be taken to a store. If your child receives Free School Meals and you have not received your voucher by text, please email  with the heading  FSM voucher not received, giving your name and your child’s name.

GCSE and A-Level grades:
We know that GCSE and A-Level students will be anxious about how their grades are to be awarded and what this will mean for 6th Form or university entry. The School is awaiting clear guidance and instructions from the Department for Education about this. When we know how it is to work, we will inform families.

Next steps:
We will be in touch if developments affect the School’s position and we hope it is not long until we see you all again. Keep learning, loving and being kind to each other!

We wish everyone in our community safety, health and peace in this difficult time and hope it will not be long before we see you again.

Ms Pugh.