6th Form: Learning Outside the Classroom

Becoming Interesting and Interested Young Adults by Learning outside the classroom.

6th Form Passport

The 6th Form passport is a 2 year enrichment and skills based programme you pursue in addition to your 3 A-Level subjects. This gives you the opportunity during the school day to develop skills and undertake enrichment that will equip you with skills, opportunities and experiences to leave St Marylebone CE School as a well rounded, interesting and interested young adult.

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The Arts

The Performing and Visual Arts are at the heart of St Marylebone’s success and creativity – in all areas of learning. In the Sixth Form this includes creativity in all subject teaching, form time debates and competitions, assemblies, gallery and theatre visits, the New York Art trip, workshops with professionals and numerous opportunities to participate in school productions in Dance, Music and Drama.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths

Creativity is not confined to the arts classrooms at St Marylebone; teaching and learning are just as vibrant and popular in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). We are also a Maths Hub and a magnet for enterprises and industries wanting to work with young people. Our creative STEM programme includes industry talks from leading professionals, workplace visits and placements, employer-engagement projects and mentoring. Many go on to universities and industry success in these fields.