Against sexual violence letter

Monday 29 March 2021 

Dear St Marylebone community,

I know I am not alone in feeling dismay in reading the many testimonies of young people from all over the country on the website Everyone’s Invited.  This site has gained a lot of attention in recent days.  It is a website which invites victims of sexual violence to tell their story.  

We address sexual violence and abuse in a number of ways. I felt it was important to share with you St Marylebone’s stance, how we address issues of sexual violence, how students can seek help and what students can do if they want to support this important cause.  This applies to students of all races, cultures, faiths, genders and socio-economic backgrounds.  

There is a lot of information below, but that’s because we do a lot and care a lot about the ways these issues affect our young people.

Best regards,

Ms Pugh

Sexual violence and abuse is not acceptable.  

St Marylebone School students and staff know that we need to stand up against this, listen and collaborate on ways to make things better.  We have seen the site Everyone’s Invited and recognise that we play a role in supporting young people in addressing, overcoming and preventing experiences of sexual violence and abuse. We have a culture which encourages open discussion, in which students know they can come forward and seek help, and speak up to support others, in ways which support and protect the individuals involved. At St Marylebone, we want everyone to feel safe, valued and heard.  This applies to students of all races, cultures, faiths, genders and socio-economic backgrounds.  

If you or someone you know is affected by sexual violence or abuse, you can seek help: 

– Speak to your Tutor, Head of Year, one of the mentors or any adult in school.  

– Report the incident to the police.

– Contact online or via the Rape Crisis helpline 0808 802 9999

Contact Southall Black Sisters online or via their helpline: 0208 571 9595

Contact Stonewall which is especially skilled in supporting the LGBT community: 0800 0502020

– Contact the Muslim Youth Helpline: 0808 808 2008
– Contact Angelou, a local service for people affected by domestic violence or the domestic abuse helpline 0808 2000 247

– For male victims of sexual abuse or domestic violence, contact online or via the helpline 01823 334244

– Do not broadcast the experience online and, if a friend shares something concerning, do not comment or gossip online about it. Speak with that person about seeking help. 

– Everyone deserves to feel heard and safe. This applies to all races, cultures, faiths, genders and socio-economic backgrounds.

If you want to learn more, support this cause and make things better, you could:

– Support organisations like Solace Women’s Aid and Ashiana Network  

– Encourage open, non-judgemental discussion in your peer groups about this, to help each other have the language and confidence to speak up. 

– Learn about how to help women feel safer by reading the Good Guys Guide

– Be a Positive Bystander: stand up and take appropriate action when it matters.

– Support White Ribbon UK which works with men and boys to help end domestic and sexual violence. 

– Listen and participate in debates and related topics in your lessons. 

– Support the work of the Everyman Project, which works with perpetrators of and victims of domestic and sexual abuse.

– Support the work of any of the organisations listed to the left here <<<. 

– Listen and participate in debates and related topics in your lessons.

There are a number of ways in which St Marylebone School addresses these important issues:

We listen.  We create appropriate forums in which students can discuss this, not only when it’s a high profile media story. 

– We have trained and experienced staff who have supported many individuals dealing with these issues. They are deeply personal experiences, so you might not know who or how or when this has happened. 

– All staff do Safeguarding and Child Protection training, every year.  Our pastoral staff do specialist training in dealing with sexual violence. 

– We follow all the advice and protocols set out in Keeping Children Safe In Education.

– We promote a vigilant and supportive culture, in which self-esteem, respect and being a positive bystander are championed. 

– We work with the organisations listed above and we signpost students to the support they offer, ensuring we attend to the needs of our diverse student cohort of all backgrounds, faiths, races and genders.

– We do Sex and Relationships Education (SRE), from Year 7 through Year 13, including consent, harassment, sex and media, healthy relationships. All SRE sessions include how to get help and signpost external organisations. You can read the overview of our PSHE provision here.

– We have sexual violence and domestic abuse assemblies and workshops led by specialists LAWRS (Latin American Women’s Rights Service). 

– We recruit Student Healthy Relationships Ambassadors – more to come! 

– We engage Student Voice in planning PSHE, including Sex and Relationships Education. 

– We are a Westminster Champion School for Healthy Relationships

– We provide support for individuals through the Pastoral Team, including our mentors, counsellor, Chaplain, the School Nursing Team, our trainee social workers, the Trailblazers Mental Health Practitioners and 6th Form Mental Health Ambassadors. 

– Where appropriate, external agencies are involved, such as the police.

– We work with the Met Police, Safer Schools Officers, the local Safeguarding Team and the LADO (Local Authority Designated Officer) proactively and in response to incidents. 

– Our weekly current affairs publication NewsTues and our student podcast channel SMSpeaks gives a platform for students to express and explore the issue.

– Our curriculum also addresses issues of sexual violence and abuse, in Religion, Ethics and Philosophy, English Literature, Psychology, Sociology, History.

 – We are never complacent and we always seek to improve our provision for young people. 

Free School Meals


St Marylebone families receiving Free School Meals will shortly receive an eCode from the Department for Education’s National Voucher Scheme managed by Edenred. One of the family’s primary contacts should receive an email on Monday 20th April with instructions to redeem your eCode for an e-Gift Card to the value of £15 (£3 per day) for the week commencing 20th April. You can choose from a selection of six supermarkets for your e-Gift Card. We are aware that there are some delays in processing these eCodes at the moment but we would hope that you do receive the email at some point during the week commencing 20th April. You will receive a similar email each week during the school closure period.

If you have not received your voucher by Friday 24th April, please contact with the subject heading “Free School Meals voucher” and be sure to include your child’s name and form.

The St Marylebone CE School is one of the highest performers in England, winning national awards

The St Marylebone CE School has been recognised nationally by receiving prestigious awards for their outstanding key stage 4 and 5 results last year. The awards are based on 2019 data provided by the Department for Education to the Schools, Students and Teachers network (SSAT). 

The St Marylebone CE School was found to be among the best performing non-selective secondary schools and sixth forms in the country, receiving three awards for being in the top 10% nationally for attainment and for being in DfE Band 1 for student progress at key stage 4. The school was also recognised for being in the top 10% nationally for student attainment at key stage 5 in academic subjects. 

The SSAT Educational Outcomes database compares all state-funded schools in England and the highest performing schools in a range of key measures are awarded SSAT Educational Outcomes Awards. 

Sue Williamson, Chief Executive of SSAT said: 

“Congratulations to The St Marylebone CofE School on winning three SSAT Educational Outcomes awards. This success is down to the superb learning and teaching, outstanding support and inspirational leadership of students, staff, parents and governors. You have made a huge difference to the lives of the young people in your school. Thank you.”

The St Marylebone Messenger 2020

We are delighted to be able to send you herewith the 2020 edition of our school magazine, the St Marylebone Messenger, ‘hot off the press’. We hope you will enjoy the wide range of articles, poetry, artworks and accounts of trips and other school events. In due course, printed souvenir editions will be available – we will update you on this.

From the 2020 Editorial Team

“Worth Less?”: a letter from Ms Pugh about school funding

Dear students, parents, carers, staff, governors and all St Marylebone community,

Worth Less? school funding update

As you know, the School has been actively campaigning as part of the Worth Less? campaign for better funding for schools.  Here is an update.

Despite intense lobbying of the Government and Department for Education, matters remain extremely challenging.  In short, schools are still not being provided with adequate funding and resource to deliver the level of provision and support that is expected and that our families and children deserve.

Current national concerns:

  • Since 2010 school budgets have been reduced in real terms by 8% and by 20% at post-16
  • Class sizes are rising and the curriculum offer is being restricted
  • Increasingly, schools are being asked to support with children’s emotional health and wellbeing.  Frequently, we do not have adequate resource to meet a growing need.
  • Often, the most vulnerable students, those from disadvantaged backgrounds or those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), are bearing the brunt of cuts and schools are struggling to provide the levels of support due to these students.

This short clip gives you more information:

These issues are not only affecting a few schools.  They are common features across our education system up and down the country.  The concern is so widespread amongst headteachers that we are all working together in the Worth Less? campaign.  

As such, we have written to the Secretary of State for Education on three separate occasions since September 2018.  We are dismayed that he has chosen to ignore our communications and repeated requests to meet. On 13 December 2018, we were informed by a junior civil servant that I am afraid that, on this occasion, the Secretary of State and the Minister of State must decline your offer to meet.  I hope you will understand that their time is heavily pressurised and their diaries need to be prioritised according to ministerial, Parliamentary and constituency business.  

Given the seriousness of the current school funding crisis and the impact upon schools, children and families, headteacher colleagues and I think this approach is entirely ill-judged.  On 14 January 2019, we wrote again to the Secretary of State for Education asking that he reconsider meeting with representative headteachers. Six weeks later, this request was declined once more: “As I’m sure you will appreciate, both their diaries are very full and they are unable to accept your kind offer at this time.”  

In September 2018, over 2000 headteachers campaigned at Westminster in order to underline the seriousness of the current situation.  This action was unprecedented.

The Worth Less? campaign group now comprises 64 local authorities and boroughs, covering thousands of schools and millions of families.  This gives a clear indication of the levels of concern felt by reasonable and moderate head teachers in England.

We recognise that there is not a bottomless pit of money and also acknowledge that many local MPs across the political spectrum are taking a supportive approach.  We must make clear, however, that the current response from the Department for Education is inadequate.

Why we need to meet with the DfE:

  • We want to contribute constructively to overcome current funding issues.
  • We want to convey the serious concerns expressed by families regarding inadequate levels of resource and provision, especially for our most vulnerable students.
  • We want to ensure that schools receive a much better deal when future Government spending plans (the Comprehensive Spending Review) are drawn up over the next few months.  
  • We want to indicate serious and rising concerns relating to the wider pastoral and social care that schools are expected, by default, to provide against a background of severe cuts to local authority provision.

Headteacher colleagues and I really appreciate how we have been so strongly supported by our communities as we campaign for a much improved level of funding for our schools and pupils.  We urge you to continue to make representations to your local MP, to the Department for Education and wider Government to ensure that matters improve.

I’ll endeavour to keep you updated on the facts and to campaign vigorously over coming weeks and months.  A positive starting point should come from the Secretary of State for Education in the form of a meeting.

Meantime, be assured: St Marylebone’s can-do spirit will continue to offer the best we can to our young people.

Yours faithfully,

Ms Pugh

Collecting 2017/18 A-Level & GCSE Certificates

Please be aware that students who have taken A-Level or GCSE exams in the summer can collect their certificates on Wednesday 5th of December and Wednesday 12th of December from our Blandford Street 6th Form Building between 11am and 2:30pm.

In order for you or your parent/carer to collect your certificates please can you or your parent/carer bring adequate ID which can include your school ID/passport/provisional driving licence. Please check the Exam Boards for the subjects you sat to ensure you collect all your certificates.