St Marylebone School is closed.

St Marylebone School is closed, in line with government instruction. 

Certain vulnerable children and children of keyworkers:
If you are a family whose child falls into one of the categories for which the School is asked to open, you will have been contacted either by phone or via email and a Google Form about this.  The School is risk-assessing its ability to do offer this provision and hopes to have it in place by Tuesday morning.

The government has asked parents to keep their children at home, wherever possible, and asked schools to remain open only for those children who absolutely need to attend.

Students learning at home:
As per the closure letters last week, students are all being set work on Google Classroom to complete at home.  All communication with teachers about this school work should be via Google Classroom. In the course of the week, we hope also to have set up a way for parents to get weekly updates about what school work has been set on Google Classroom for their child.  

The situation may change daily or weekly.  We will be in touch if developments affect the School’s position and / or provision. 

We wish everyone in our community safety, health and peace in this difficult time.

School closure

Thursday 19th March 2020

Dear students, parents and carers,

In line with last night’s announcement from the Prime Minister and Education Secretary, we are closing St Marylebone School from tomorrow until further notice.  

Tomorrow (Friday 20th March) only Year 11 and Year 13 students will be coming to school for final arrangements and assembly.

Other than arrangements for Year 11 and 13 tomorrow, all lessons, all school activities, clubs, trips and enrichment are cancelled for all students from now on.  We realise that this is very disruptive for the education of our young people. 

Last night’s announcement also suggested that schools are to open for certain students, including children of keyworkers and some children in other categories.  We have not been given full guidance on how this will be operationally possible and safe. When we do have clear information on this, we will let you know. Please bear with us while we try to find the best way forward. 

How will students’ learning continue during the school closure?
All students have been informed about accessing learning activities via Google Classroom, as they would usually for homework.  They should log into this daily to ensure they complete school work at home. Teachers will be making every reasonable effort to set work which students can do off-site.  Students’ engagement with and completion of work via Google Classroom will be monitored. The expectation is that all students complete the work set for them. 

Please note: the setting of work will not be timed according to the exact time when lessons would have happened.  We are not able to do real-time lessons from home-to-home. Students will be set (eg) History work to do, with a reasonable deadline of a few days or a week. Students are not expected to log in at the precise moment when they would have had (eg) a History lesson.  Students are doing homework, in their own time, at home. Each piece of work should come with instructions about length or time to spend on it. All communication with teachers about the work should be done through Google Classroom; students can ask questions, submit work and learn from each other via Google Classroom.

We are establishing a system which will update parents and carers on what work is on Google Classroom for your children also.   Please bear with us as we adjust to a new way of working under strange and difficult circumstances.

What if we don’t have internet access at home?
We are also making every reasonable effort to support the learning of students who do not have online access at home or who have additional learning needs which make the use of Google Classroom difficult. Resources are being gathered to post to you.  If you do not have internet access at home and you don’t think the School knows this, please contact your child’s Head of Year as soon as you can.

What about trips and extra-curricular activities and events?
All trips and activities are cancelled or postponed until further notice.  All overseas trips have already been cancelled for this school year. Other local and national trips will be re-considered when the School re-opens.  We are seeking refunds for trips for which parents / carers have paid and will be in touch about these when we are able. 

What about the GCSEs and A-Levels?
It was announced last night that the public exams are cancelled.  The School learned about this just as you did: on the news last night.  We have held assemblies with Years 10, 11 and 13 about this today and have sent messages to their parents and carers separately to this letter.  As soon as we have any further information about the plans for the awarding of qualifications this summer, we will communicate it to you. All students across the UK will be in a similar position.  

Can we come to school to get belongings or books or see a teacher about something? 

The school site will have only very limited access, for health, safety and security reasons. We hope you understand why that means we cannot agree to let parents, carers or students on-site during the closure.

My child receives / I receive Free School Meals; how will these be arranged? 
We know that Westminster Council are making plans for this and as soon as we know that plan, we will let you know.

What about students with mental health and wellbeing concerns?
Some students will already be familiar with these great sources of support for mental health and wellbeing:

Do use these and refer to the health and wellbeing pages in the Student Planner for more ideas.

What if I have a Child Protection or safeguarding concern?
Child Protection or safeguarding concerns should still be directed to our Designated Safeguarding Officers: KS3: Mr Winn, Head of Lower School  (
KS4: Ms Sainsbury, Head of Upper School (
KS5: Ms Read, Director of Post 16 Education (
Ms Sarah Swan, Deputy Headteacher (


Where can I get more information about what is happening with the Coronavirus?
Information from Public Health England is available from here:

It is important to support young people’s understanding of the Coronavirus and what is going on. 
Here is a useful article for parents / carers about discussing this with your children:
BBC Newsround is also a good source of explanation:

The DfE’s helpline for schools, staff, students, parents, carers can be accessed by phone or email:
Phone: 0800 046 8687     Email: 

During the closure, the School will continue to follow Public Health England and Department for Education advice. We will keep you updated with any developments, notably when we have information about re-opening. 

Meantime, please stay safe, follow Public Health advice and look after each other and yourselves.  We are calling on everyone’s good community spirit and sensible, calm, can-do attitude to help our young people and all our community through this very disruptive and unsettling chapter.    You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Peace, courage and love to you all.


Ms Pugh


Partial closure of St Marylebone School from tomorrow, Wednesday 18th March

Tuesday 17th March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Partial closure of St Marylebone School from tomorrow, Wednesday 18th March

This is the second message you will have received from us today.  It really is a very rapidly-changing situation and we really appreciate your support at a time when no doubt this is difficult for you also to manage.  

In response to last night’s advice from the Government about managing the spread of the Coronavirus, an increasing number of staff and students are following Public Health advice and are not coming to school.    As a result, with lowered staff levels, we cannot safely and effectively staff the normal running of the School and so we will have to close partially.

As such, starting tomorrow, Wednesday 18th March, we will open school for students in Years 10, 11 and 13 only.  We are prioritising students with imminent public examinations. This means that students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 12 should not come to school tomorrow until further notice.  We regret that this is short notice for parents and carers.

Students are all advised to do school work at home independently.  They all know how to log into Google Classroom and complete work and all students have private reading books either from the school library or of their own.  We will of course step up all reasonable efforts to enable learning to continue at home. Currently the staff who are here are very busy ensuring we can effectively teach and supervise lessons in school.

I must emphasise that at this point we do not have any confirmed cases of the Coronavirus at the School and all action being taken is in response to Public Health advice.

Further information
Last night’s announcement by the Government’s Health Secretary can be found at this link:

In terms of attendance for staff and students at school, these are the most important words from his speech to note: “… we are today advising that if you or anyone in your home has a high temperature or a new and continuous cough, then you should stay at home for 14 days.”   If this applies to you, please follow this advice and inform the school of your child’s absence in the usual ways.

Meantime, the latest information from Public Health England for schools can be found via this link:

Meantime, in case you did not see it in this morning’s letter, we have have had to take mitigating action on the following things:

1. As mentioned last week, we have had to cancel overseas trips.  This process can take some time so please bear with us as we work through each trip and make contact with the relevant travel agencies and families.   We are also in the process of re-risk-assessing local and national trips and will communicate with families in good time about these.

2. With regret, we are also cancelling the following school events:
– A-Level Dance Showcase: Wednesday 18th March, evening
– Spring Concert, Thursday 26th March
We are cancelling these as they are large public gatherings, asking many visitors and families to come into the School. We will use our energies better in the coming weeks on teaching and learning.

3. We are also cancelling Academic Review Day on Friday this week, 20th March.  Lessons will run for students in years 10, 11 and 13  usual on Friday. This is because we want to make the most of teaching and learning time and we know we are better able to staff a normal teaching day than, in the event of staff absences, Academic Review Day.  Please ensure your child knows that Friday is a normal day of lessons and comes to school ready to learn as usual.

The School continues to inform and advise students of the importance of good hygiene, notably use of tissues and hand-washing.  Please do the same at home.

In terms of your child’s attendance at school, please use the usual means of informing us.  Please note that the School cannot diagnose your child’s symptoms. If your child is unwell and has symptoms that concern you, please follow Public Health England advice.

We understand that this is a very unsettling situation, causing anxiety and alarm for many.  The School will continue to try to keep you informed as relevant and meantime, we thank you for your ongoing good communication and support. 

You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Best regards,


Ms Pugh


COVID–19 advice for schools and educational settings

Friday 6th March 2020

Dear parents and carers,

Re: COVID–19 advice for schools and educational settings 

I am writing again to update you on the School’s position on COVID-19, or Coronavirus.  This week’s updates from the Department for Education and Public Health England have not changed the School’s approach.  We continue to monitor and follow PHE advice, while continuing to operate our school day as normal, keeping an informed, calm perspective. 

We have ensured that staff and students are appropriately informed, including all-important messages about good hygiene, hand-washing and use of tissues.  Posters about this are displayed in school and students have been briefed in form time. We have also used the DfE Helpline, launched this week, to check that our approach, action and planning is correct and proportionate and we have been assured that it is. 

Below are links to the most reliable, non-sensationalised information about the Coronavirus from Public Health England.  This is the advice we are following. 

Updates on COVID-19:

Guidance for educational settings:

Travel advice for those travelling and living overseas:

The DfE’s helpline for schools, staff, students, parents, carers can be accessed by phone or email: 

Phone: 0800 046 8687     Email: 
Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)

The School will continue to follow Public Health England advice and will keep you informed of any implications for school as appropriate in as timely a way as we can.  Our priorities are to ensure that our students and staff keep safe and well and to do all that we can to ensure we can continue to run our school day as normal, keeping things in perspective. 

Best regards,


Ms Pugh


COVID–19 Advice for schools and educational settings

Dear parents and carers,

Re: COVID–19 Advice for schools and educational settings 

I am writing to you again following the receipt of updated guidance about the possible impact of COVID-19, or Coronavirus. 

We are receiving regular updates from the Department for Education, from Westminster council and from the London Diocesan Board for Schools.  All these bodies, like us, are guided by the advice from Public Health England. While following this advice, we will continue to operate our school day as normal unless the situation changes or until we are instructed to do otherwise. We have emphasised to staff and to students the importance of good hygiene routines.   The most recent advice about returning from travel overseas is pasted below, but please note that this might change so you are advised also to follow the advice from Public Health England:

Call NHS 111, stay indoors and avoid contact with other people immediately if you’ve travelled to the UK from:

 – Hubei province in China in the last 14 days, even if you do not have symptoms

Iran, lockdown areas in northern Italy or special care zones in South Korea since 19 February, even if you do not have symptoms
– other parts of mainland China or South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan or Thailand in the last 14 days and have a cough, high temperature or shortness of breath (even if your symptoms are mild)
– other parts of northern Italy (anywhere north of Pisa, Florence and Rimini), Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar or Vietnam since 19 February and have a cough, high temperature or shortness of breath (even if your symptoms are mild)

Lockdown areas in northern Italy:

– in Lombardy: Codogno, Castiglione d’Adda, Casalpusterlengo, Fombio, Maleo, Somaglia, Bertonico, Terranova dei Passerini, Castelgerundo and San Fiorano

– in Veneto: Vo’ Euganeo

Special care zones in South Korea:

See maps of the specified areas.

Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. Call NHS 111.

This guidance is based on the recommendations of the UK Chief Medical officers. These areas have been identified because of the volume of air travel from affected areas, understanding of other travel routes and number of reported cases. This list will be kept under review.

For areas with direct flights to the UK we are carrying out enhanced monitoring. Passengers will be told how to report any symptoms they develop during the flight, at the time of arrival, or after leaving the airport.

Read more about what you should do if you’re asked to self-isolate.


Please contact the School if this applies to you.  The Public Health advice to schools is summarised here:

In addition, you may find this information useful:

Please read and see how this advice applies to you.   The School meantime will continue to follow Public Health England advice and will keep you informed of any implications for school as appropriate in as timely a way as we can.  Our priorities are to ensure that our students and staff keep safe and well and to do all that we can to ensure we can continue to run our school day as normal.  

Best regards,

Ms Pugh



Dear Parents and Carers,

I am writing to advise you that there were 3 nominations for the recently advertised position of Parent Governor.  Therefore, an election will take place. 

Please find below three short statements written by the nominees. 

You can vote in one of two ways:

  • using the slip at the bottom of this page, which can be handed in to Reception (please provide all the information requested, if the section giving your name and your child’s details is not completed your vote will not be valid and therefore discounted)
  • online (you will have received an email which explains how to do this)

Please vote for one candidate only. 

A hard copy voting slip is available from Reception, if required.


Voting ends: Thursday, 14th November 2019.

Ms Sharon Julien 

My daughter Mia, is in Year 7N.

As a co-opted governor at my old secondary school in London, I was an active member of the Finance and HR committees, and played a key role in setting and implementing the strategy.

I vowed that when I had my own child, I would become a parent governor, so when I heard about the vacant governor post – I had to apply.

I work at the Bank of England and have worked within the Financial Services sector for many years; managing large complex: programmes, budgets and multi-disciplinary teams. I also volunteer in schools in: recruitment fairs, mentoring, interview practice and CV workshops.

With my skills, experience and as a black woman, from a working class background; I believe I will enrich the governing body by providing a diverse perspective resulting in a positive difference for all of the parents, and girls at the school.


Mrs Rebecca Carrigan

My daughter is in Year 7.

I am thrilled at the prospect of bringing my skills, integrity and experience to the role to ensure a well-rounded education for the benefit of all current and future students. 

I run an events/catering/cake company following 20 years in the film business.  I bring a conscientious, proactive work ethic, an ability to be objective and diplomatic in the face of tough decision-making, working with challenging budgets to solve innumerable problems and keeping the wheels turning!  

My parent governorship at All Souls Primary is about to end and I look forward to new challenges that the secondary phase of my daughter’s education brings. On the learning and achievement committee, I worked with progress data to target resources to ensure the school had the best impact on every student in its care.  As link governor for SEND I helped set up a new Autism centre and I was PTA Chair for five years.  Until recently I was part of the Economic Development, Education and Place Shaping (EDEPS) Policy and Scrutiny Committee for Westminster.


Dr Simon Manara

I have a very happy daughter Elöise who is in Year 7H and so will be in involved at the school for the next five years.

I am a specialist orthodontist by profession working in the local area since 2002. At my daughter’s previous school I enjoyed being involved with the numerous parent association events and served as co-chair for two years.  I was privileged to be elected to serve as Parent Governor which was a wonderful opportunity to be able to see the workings of the school.

I am passionate about developing lifelong opportunities for children and believe that pastoral care, rigorous academic structures and engaging extracurricular activities lie at the heart of any happy and successful childhood. 

I am keen to advise, support staff and help ensure that St Marylebone School achieves all the success it is capable of.  As a governor I offer commitment, and enthusiasm to make a difference: striving for academic excellence and working to improve communication between the governing body and parents.


Yours faithfully,

Kathryn Pugh




Please return to Dot at Reception by 3:30pm on Thursday, 14th November 2019

Please vote for one candidate only.


  • To vote for Ms Sharon Julien please put a cross here   [    ]


  • To vote for Mrs Rebecca Carrigan please put a cross here   [    ]


  • To vote for Dr Simon Manara please put a cross here   [    ]


Your name  _________________                                Your signature ____________________


Student’s name __________________                   Student’s form ____________________

Safety on autumn and winter nights

Dear students, parents and carers,

I’d like to remind you all about safety out on the streets at night, notably around Bonfire Night and as we go into the Christmas season when you may be travelling in the dark.  Please be extra vigilant about your own safety and consider  the following things:

– Don’t go out alone in the dark. Make sure that you plan your journey so that you are travelling with a friend and you let your parent / carer know where you are.

– Be mindful of your personal possessions. Do not have any valuables on display and be careful about where you use your telephone. You should not make yourself a target for street robbery.

 – Walk away from trouble, not towards it. If you see something that looks unsafe you should trust your instincts and move away from the situation. 

 – If you see rowdy or anti-social behaviour, do not join in, do not take an interest, walk away from it and make sure that you are not associated with it in any way.

 – Act in a kind and considerate way to members of the public and the police. 

If you are concerned about any of the issues raised in this please do speak with a member of the Pastoral Team.

Best wishes,

Ms Swan

Attendance Bulletin

Friday 1st November

Dear parents and carers,

I hope you all had a restful half-term.  I’m writing to remind you of our attendance expectations so that we can work together to ensure that students attend school unless they are really very unwell. 

This is an 8 week term. It’s the term in which students tend to get colds and minor ailments and, as the evenings draw in, students’ attendance levels drop.  No-one likes having a cough or a cold but a good deal of the time, we are not too unwell to go to school or work. Quite often, young people feel better once they get into school, into their lessons and see their friends. So, we urge you all to send your children to school unless they are seriously unwell.

We know that there is a strong link between progress, attainment and attendance: if a student misses school they are missing out on their learning.  The figures below show you approximately how attendance rates correspond to lost learning:

Attendance rate %

Days missed by the end of the Autumn term (approx)

Days missed by the end of the Spring term (approx)

Days missed by the end of the Summer term (approx)


0 days

0 days

0 days


4 days

7 days

10 days


7 days

13 days

20 days


11 days

19 days

30 days

95% attendance = 10 days absent = 60 lessons missed

90% attendance = 20 days absent = 120 lessons missed 

85% attendance = 30 days absent = 180 lessons missed

Missed school time means … 

  • missed lessons which cannot be re-gained just by reading the notes afterwards; the live experience is where the learning happens
  • lost learning time which can feel stressful for students as there are gaps in their knowledge when they return
  • time lost with friends which can lead to anxiety and a sense of being left out. 
  • missed opportunities, for example support at help clubs, mentor support, trips, clubs, extra-curricular activities, speaker talks, competitions, sports, arts … and so on. 

Of course, there might be times when a student is genuinely not well enough to attend school but, for all the reasons above and more, we ask that we all work together to improve our young people’s school attendance.

Thank you for your support and we wish you all a healthy, happy second half of the autumn term. 

Best wishes,

Sarah Swan
Deputy Headteacher

Early School Closure All Years – Tuesday 24th September,  2019 Student Independent Study Afternoon


Dear Parent/Carer,

As per the School calendar, next week, on Tuesday, September 24th, the School will be holding its Staff Appraisal meetings. In order for this to take place students in all Years will be dismissed from school at the end of period 3 at 11.55am. Please make the necessary arrangements to expect your child home earlier on this day.

Independent Study Afternoon

During this time, if your child is in Year 7-11, they will have received work to complete independently to facilitate the skills students need to develop as part of the revision process.  We believe this is a valuable exercise for all students. Completing a range of set tasks on one topic helps students understand that the revision process involves much more than simply re-reading a text. This activity means students have to think and engage with the material taught in order to truly learn it.   The resources can be accessed by students on their Google Classroom as listed by subject below:

  • Year 13        Students should be working on their personal statements and UCAS applications ahead of UCAS lock in 10th October. 
  • Year 12        Students should access their subject specific Independent Learning Materials via the folder in their Passport Google Classroom and complete the weekly tasks for each of their subjects. Subject teachers may also set specific work for students to complete. 
  • Year 11           English 
  • Year 9/10     Religion Ethics & Philosophy (REP)
  • Year 8            History
  • Year 7            Maths  

Please do engage in this revision process with your child on the evening of the 24th and see how active their revision or independent research has been. 

Yours faithfully,

Ms F Congdon

Assistant Headteacher – Intervention & Progress