Year 9 Options

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please find attached 3 information items that are all related to the Year 9 Options process. These are:

1. Year 9 Options presentation with commentary from Ms George
2. Year 9 options presentation with no commentary
3. Year 9 Options Booklet 2021

I do hope you will find these information items useful when considering your child’s curriculum choices for Key Stage 4. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any queries at this stage.

Kind regards

Ms George

 FhpsDDFKV33v.1d03f5706bfa Year 9 Options presentation with commentary

pdf Options presentation 2021 – 2023.pdf

pdf OPTIONS BOOKLET 2021.pdf

The St Marylebone CE School

KP letter Fri 8 Jan 2021

Friday 8th January 2021

Dear St Marylebone students, parents, carers,

A week into the January term and the momentum is really motivating.  Well done to all our students for facing this new challenge with minimal fuss and a positive attitude.  There’s lots of information in this letter, so take your time to take it in.  

GCSE and A-Level examinations: update
We had hoped this week for a clear plan as to what the alternative arrangements will be, since hearing that the public exams will not go ahead as planned.  What we know so far is that there will be a “Teacher Assessed Grades” process, on which a consultation with Ofqual, the exams regulator is to start next week.   

More information will come to Year 11 and 13 students and parents when we have it.  It is important that Years 11 and 13 continue to log into their timetabled lessons and keep learning.  Be assured that the School will support you all as fairly as we can through this process and that your learning meantime is valuable.  

Remote learning update
We now know that students will be learning at home for at least six weeks, so we are working on a remote learning offer that is sustainable over this time.   Students should continue to follow their usual full timetable and their learning will be a mixed diet of live online lessons, learning resources, audio / visual materials and activities which take them away from the screen.  There will be times when the lesson requires the students to step away from their screens and / or to work independently.   We’ve listened to student-voice this week to inform this planning.  We hope you understand also that there will be times when teachers are unable to offer live online lessons because, for example, they are unwell, have childcare commitments or have other reasons why being live online at that point is difficult. In these instances, work will still be set for the class.  This mixed diet is designed to support students’ learning, well-being, progress, independence and connection with each other.  

If parents / carers have questions about the remote learning, please:

  • first ask your child to show you on Google Classroom what they are doing
  • contact the subject teacher for a subject-specific question
  • contact the Form Tutor with a general question about learning or the child’s welfare
  • contact the Head of Year for a more serious concern

Any safeguarding concerns should be directed to the School as usual.  Please contact the Safeguarding Team on

Online safety and safeguarding when students are learning at home.

We have established clear expectations and protocols to make sure students’ learning online at home is safe.  You can read these here.   If you have questions about these: 

  • for technical questions about Google Classroom / Google Meet, contact Mr Mead 
  • for safeguarding questions, contact the safeguarding team on 
  • for questions about data protection and privacy, please contact or see our Privacy Statement here>>>.

In the live Form Time on Tuesday, students were reminded about being kind and thoughtful when using any social media.  Cyber-bullying and any form of online unkindness or abuse is not to be tolerated. All our students know that they should not get involved in this, should report it if it happens, should think before they click and should “spread love not hate”.  There is some very good advice on our website about keeping students safe when at home and using the internet.  You can read this here>>>.

Supporting students’ wellbeing and learning at home
On our website, there is also information and support on learning at home and sustaining wellbeing and mental health.  We really recommend families looking at these resources together. 

Students on-site
Those attending on-site are following the same teaching as those at home, so that there is a consistent offer for everyone.  Well done to all those who have attended this week for your focus and adaptability.

Slightly changed timings of the school day
We have made a change to the times of the school day because, without everyone on-site, we do not need staggered lunchtimes and because we would like students and staff to have a slightly longer break for lunch, fresh air, movement and time to connect with family.  

The changes are highlighted below:

8.30am: registration and form time

8.50am: Period 1

9.45am: Period 2

10.40am: Break

11am: Period 3

11.55am: Period 4

12.45pm: LUNCH

1.30pm: Period 5

2.15pm: Period 6
This will begin from Monday 11th January.

Access to ICT for learning
We have identified a number of students who do not have access to technology or wifi at home.  Where there is genuine need or hardship and we have not already supported you with this, please contact your Head of Year.  

Free School Meals
Free School Meals vouchers will continue to be issued to eligible families.  If you are experiencing any problems with these, please contact  If you think you’re eligible for Free School Meals, you can register here.

Parents’ Evenings ahead
Year 9 Parents’ Evening on Monday 25 January will go ahead online via School Cloud as planned.  Information about this will be sent to Year 9 parents, carers and students.

Year 11 Parents’ Evening on Monday 1 February will be postponed until we know clearly what the alternative arrangements for GCSEs will be and what we can helpfully report to parents.  We will keep in touch about developments.  

Year 7 Parents’ Evening on Mon 8 February will go ahead online via School Cloud as planned.  Information about this will be sent to Year 8 parents, carers and students in due course. 

Updated school calendar
We will shortly share with parents / carers via MyEd and the website an updated school calendar for January – July 2021.  Dates to note meantime:

Friday 12 February: students’ Academic Review mid-year reflection; staff mid-year appraisal and development day; no lessons this day; end of Term 3
Monday 15 – Friday 19 February: February half-term

Monday 22 February: Term 4 begins

Wednesday 31 March: lessons morning only; last day of Term 4 for students


Staff and students have worked hard to adapt quickly this week to an altered outlook on the term ahead.  As the days pass, we’ll improve and adapt more.  

Thank you all for your patience and trust.  

Best regards,

Ms Pugh

update from St Marylebone School

Tuesday 5th January 2021

Dear St Marylebone students, parents, carers,

You will no doubt have heard the Prime Minister’s announcement of a national lockdown last night and the closure of schools.  You can read the guidance document about this here

Here is what we know this means for St Marylebone students:

  • From today, until February half-term, only the students in vulnerable categories and children of critical workers will attend school on-site.  We have already been in touch with these families.
  • All other students will learn remotely, following their usual timetable of lessons.  Now that we know this is for a series of weeks, rather than two weeks, we will work on a longer-term online offer which is sustainable over a longer period of time.  We will get information to each year group about this when we have had a chance to work on this with departments.
  • Our staff remain committed to providing a high-quality learning experience to students, even if it’s not live in school.  We hope you will understand that school staff also have families and personal circumstances to balance with their dedication to school.  
  • GCSE and A-Level examinations “will not go ahead as planned” for Years 11 and 13.  This does not mean school is over for Years 11 and 13.  The Government says they are “working with Ofqual to consult rapidly to put in place alternative arrangements.”  As soon as we know more, we will let you know.
  • Years 11, 12 and 13 who were preparing for mocks in the coming weeks can pause their preparation.  We will not have mock exams as planned in the coming weeks. 
  • We have identified a number of students who do not have access to technology or wifi at home.  Where there is genuine need or hardship and we have not already supported you with this, please contact your Head of Year.
  • Free School Meals vouchers will continue to be issued to eligible families.  

On our website, there is information and support on learning at home and sustaining wellbeing and mental health.  We really recommend families looking at these resources together. 

We will be in touch again later this week with updates as there are things we don’t know yet that we need to address.  I realise, with heavy heart, that this is unwelcome news and these are going to be difficult weeks.  I have confidence that we can, having come through difficult times before, do it again if we work together as a community.  

Wishing all the best to all St Marylebone families,

Ms Pugh

KP 4 Jan message to all parents / carers / students

Monday 4th January 2021

Dear St Marylebone parents, carers and students,

Hello and happy new year to you! 

Term began for staff today with an INSET day on plans for the next few weeks, unconscious bias, curriculum development, sharing good practice for remote learning and further covid-related health and safety.   

As a brief reminder of what we sent out on 30 December: 

  • The only students to attend on-site Tues 5 – Fri 8 Jan will be vulnerable and children of critical workers.

  • On-site in w/c Mon 11 Jan: vulnerable and critical worker children plus Year 11 and Year 13

  • On-site w/c Mon 18 Jan: to be confirmed, all students attend on-site from Mon 18 Jan, except Year 12, who attend from Weds 20 Jan when their mocks start.

  • Year 11 mocks will run from 11 – 19 Jan (the same timetable, just delayed by one week)

  • Year 13 mocks will run from 13 – 20 Jan (the same timetable as originally planned)

  • Year 12 mocks will run from 20 – 27 Jan (the same timetable, just delayed by one week)
  • Free School Meals vouchers will continue to be issued to families of students not attending school on-site.
  • All students not on-site should remain at home and connect with remote learning.  This will start daily with live online registration via Google Meet at 8.30am on Tuesday 5th January.  

  • Remote learning means students should follow their usual timetable, logging into Google Classroom for each lesson.  As far as possible, lessons will be live online via Google Meet. There will be occasions when teachers have childcare commitments, are unwell or have other difficulties providing live lessons. In these cases, learning will still be made available via Google Classroom, with learning resources and / or pre-recorded audio / visual materials. Students can always contact their teachers directly via Google Classroom. 

School calendar 
There will be some date-changes to some up-coming parents’ evenings and other events, as a result of the changes above.   We will soon issue an updated version of the “pink sheet” – the school calendar for this year.  Look out for this in the Bulletin and on your email.

Covid-testing on-site

You can read the Government’s information about covid-testing in schools here.  We will let you know if and when the School is in a position safely to implement this testing programme.  Be assured that consent will be sought before any student is tested and we will issue information and consent forms before undertaking any testing.   If and when we begin this process, it might affect the dates on which students return to the school sites.   Meantime, there are now a number of local testing centres for symptomatic and asymptomatic people, which are free to access and which you can use if you want to. 


Remember, no-one should come to school if they:

  • have covid symptoms
  • live with someone with covid symptoms
  • are awaiting a covid test result
  • live with someone who is awaiting a test result
  • have recently tested positive for covid
  • are a contact of or live with someone who has recently tested positive for covid
  • have returned from abroad and are required to quarantine.

If in doubt, read the NHS advice here and / or call 111.   

If you need to report your child’s non-attendance (for any reason, not just covid), please use the MyEd app in the usual way.  

Our Epiphany service this morning highlighted the importance of our collective spirit, dedication, good faith and kindness.  As we go forward into this new year, there are likely to be more developments, so we ask for your patience and trust.  Thank you for your ongoing support.

Best regards,

Ms Pugh