Syrian man meets Hollywood’s Stanley Tucci to tell inspiring story at St Marylebone

On Tuesday 19th March, Marylebone had an exciting visit from author and pianist Ayham Ahmad who was interviewed by actor Stanley Tucci about his inspiring life story, fleeing from Syrian conflict and following his musical passion. I’m sure all those who attended would agree this was a fantastic way to spend an otherwise ordinary Tuesday lunch time. The book, The Pianist of Yarmouk is now on sale.

Early School Closure Yr 7, 8, 10 & 11 – Thursday 7th March, 2019

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Choices – Year 9 Options

Dear Parent/Carer,

Next week, on Thursday, March 7th, the school will be holding its Key Stage 4 options afternoon and evening for all Year 9 students. In order for this to take place students in Years 7, 8, 10 and 11 will be dismissed from school at 12.50pm. Year 9 will remain in school as normal until 3.30pm. Please can we ask that you make the necessary arrangements to expect your daughter home earlier on this day. Year 12 and 13 will not be affected by this early closure, lessons will continue as normal for them in the afternoon.

Year 9 Parents/Carers

Your daughter has now received the Options Booklet and has listened to the Options Assembly. On Thursday, March 7th, Year 9  will have an options afternoon, where they will hear directly from subject staff and will be able to ask subject specific questions regarding courses offered.  On the same day, from 5pm – 7pm, you are invited into school for the options evening at the school’s main site. During this time you will have the opportunity to speak to Heads of Learning and subject staff.  There will also be a presentation given for parents/carers about the options process. Please attend either the first presentation at 5.15pm or the second presentation at 6pm. The evening will finish at 7pm. Please read through the options booklet with your daughter before this important day.

 If you have any questions, please come and speak to me at the options evening or e-mail me:

I look forward to seeing you at the options evening next week.

Yours faithfully,

Ms S. George

Assistant Headteacher – Curriculum

Early School Closure Yr 7, 8, 10 & 11 – Thursday 7th March, 2019


23rd January 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,


 Would you – or someone you know – like to be a Parent Governor? Our School Governing Body has a vacancy for a Parent Governor and we are looking for nominations from parents who would be interested in filling this role.

The role of the Governing Body is to help shape the overall direction of the School, monitor progress and standards, review and approve the budget, appoint and support the Headteacher and senior staff, review policies and procedures and ensure the School fulfils its statutory duties.

Governing Body meetings are held on Tuesday evenings. There are six meetings a year and Governors are also expected to be a member of a sub-committee which will also meet on a Tuesday six times a year. For more information about the role of a School Governor please contact our Clerk, Martha Blackwell, ( Training and support will also be provided.

If you are interested, please fill in the form below, including the signatures of a proposer and a seconder who must be a parent or carer of a pupil at our school. Please also include a short statement about yourself (a maximum of 150 words) with, if you wish, a passport sized photograph. This information will be circulated to all parents in the event of an election; which will be held if there is more than one nomination. Your form, statement and optional photograph should be given to Dot at Reception by 12.30pm on Thursday, 7th February 2019.

The election will be by ballot and every eligible parent will be able to vote. We will send you more information about this later.

The closing date for the receipt of nominations is 12.30pm on Thursday, 7th February 2019. Please contact Dot at Reception if you require another copy of this letter. A copy can also be found on the School Website.

Yours faithfully,  

Kathryn Pugh




Please return to Dot at Reception by 12.30pm on Thursday, 7th February 2019

Name of nominee ________   Signature of nominee ____________
Student’s name __________   Student’s form __________________

Proposed by _____________  Signature of Proposer ___________
Student’s name ___________  Student’s form__________________

Seconded by _____________   Signature of Seconder ___________
Student’s name ___________  Student’s form __________________


Worth Less parent letter Oct 2018

Friday, 12th October, 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

Update: School Funding Campaign

Thank you for the support that many of you offered me and the 2000 other headteachers who took part in the Worth Less? protest in Westminster on Friday 28th September.

It is clear from the emails that colleagues and I received that our parent and carer community overwhelmingly supports the need for much improved investment in our schools.   The Worth Less? campaign took a letter about this to the Chancellor and when he responds, we will let you know.  We will watch with interest to see how he responds to our requests in the Autumn Statement on Monday 29th October.

Headteachers across the country hope very much that the Government and the Department for Education will stop providing parents and the wider public with misleading information about spending on schools.  You can read more about this in these articles on the BBC and the Times Educational Supplement.

It is entirely wrong to suggest that Government spending on schools is much higher than in other comparable countries, when the Department for Education tries to include spending by families on university tuition fees and independent school fees.  This adds billions of pounds to headline data but has absolutely no effect on funding for our schools. It is a completely unacceptable way of defending real term cuts.

Some parents and carers have asked how they can support the drive for improved funding.  There are several ways you can do this. You can write to your own MP, using the information in the letter from Eliza Low, our Chair of Governors, sent last week and included again in this week’s Bulletin.  It is also available here on our website. The Worth Less? campaign has also informed me that there will be a national day of parental action on 19th October.  For more information please use the hashtag #parentsteachersunite on Twitter or Facebook.  

Thank you again for your support. The Worth Less? campaign will remain reasonable and determined with a single goal of ensuring that every school and pupil receive a much better deal in the near future.


Yours faithfully,

K. Pugh


Worth Less parent letter Oct 2018

Congratulations GCSE students!

Today St Marylebone students are collecting a set of really encouraging GCSE results. They’ve worked very hard for these grades, not least as most of these are new, challenging GCSEs being taken for the first time.
The students have achieved really strongly across a range of GCSEs, with great outcomes in across the curriculum: in the arts as much as the sciences. This will open doors to many post-16 pathways for them. 
86% of students passed both English and Maths.  
Across all the grades, 11% are grade 9 (the highest mark possible).
26% of grades are the equivalent of A* or higher (grades 8-9).
56% of all English grades are 7 or higher. 
Across all grades, 45% are grade 7 or above (or grade A or above). 
Over a third of students achieved a grade 9 in at least one subject. 
59% of students achieved a grade 8 or 9 in at least 1 subject (an A* or above).
75% of pupils achieved a grade 7, 8 or 9 in at least 1 subject (an A or above).
19 pupils achieved at least 3 grade 9 or more with one top performer who achieved eight grade 9s and one A*. 
We are also celebrating today the outstanding outcomes of the Year 10 GCSE Religious Studies which show the pride they take in their learning.  90% of students achieved a grade 4+ (equivalent of grade C) and 38% of the RS grades are grade 8 or 9 (the equivalent of A*). Well done Year 10!
The School is really proud of Year 10 and 11 for the energy and effort they put into their achievements and we are as ever grateful to the teachers whose dedication and commitment to young people’s learning is palpable.  Our thanks also to the parents and carers for their endurance and support, especially during the challenges of GCSEs. 
Congratulations students!