Contact Details for Parents

I have a concern. Who should I contact?

The School will always direct a parent’s concern to the member of staff most appropriate.

In the first instance, this is usually the form tutor or the class teacher.  If you want a meeting, it is always best to phone (0207 935 4704) or email the school to make an appointment to avoid turning up at school when the teacher is not available.

Staff will endeavour to reply to phone calls and emails within 24 hours wherever possible. If you have not heard back within 48 hours, please email one of our Deputy Headteachers; Peter Jordan, Sarah Swan or Jenny Laurie. Information on staff email addresses can be found below. Remember, we also have Parents’ Evenings for every year group and two Academic Review Days a year to which you are invited.

Safeguarding or child protection concerns

Any concern relating to safeguarding or child protection should be reported as soon as possible to the Child Protection Designated Officer (CPDO) for the relevant year group:

  • KS3: Mr Winn, Head of Lower School  (
  • KS4: Ms Sainsbury, Head of Upper School (
  • KS5: Ms Read, Director of Post 16 Education (
  • Also: Ms Sarah Swan, Deputy Headteacher (

If the person you call to speak to is not available at the time, you can also ask to speak to the Head of Year or Assistant Head of Year– or any of the other CPDOs in the school.

Personal, social, health or emotional concerns

If the concern is a personal, social, health or emotional issue, your first port of call is your child’s Form Tutor. If you feel that the Form Tutor is not the right person to talk to, you should contact the Head of Year or Assistant Head of Year for the year group.

Academic or subject-specific concerns

If the concern is about your child’s learning or progress in a particular subject, you should call the class teacher or the Head of Learning for that subject. Often, the class teacher is the best place to start. If the difficulty affects a number of subjects, you should contact the Form Tutor, who has the broader overview.

Staff Email Addresses

Individual teachers’ email addresses all:
– begin with the teacher’s initial, followed by a dot, followed by their surname.
– end with

Updating contact details

If your contact details change, please inform the School so that we can update our records. You can do this via your child’s Form Tutor, reception or Head of Year.