Curriculum – KS4 Business

Why Choose Business?

Studying Business at St Marylebone will give you the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of real-life business and begin to prepare you for the world of work. You will develop an understanding of the different aspects of business such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources as well as examine the art of management and explore everything from tech start-ups to multi-national corporations. This could give you a good indication of where you might thrive in your future career; whether you have a head for finance and figures or a creative side and a flair for Marketing…or both!

This course is fantastic for budding entrepreneurs who wish to set up and run a business, social enterprise or charity in the future. You will be using case studies of companies you are familiar with, to explore the activities of a business and the reasons for its success or failure. You will see the challenges faced by businesses trying to balance profit-making ventures against satisfying their environmental, ethical and social obligations.

Course Content

Studying Business at GCSE prepares you for further study in the field of business, entrepreneurship, economics, law, government policy-making and politics. You will:

  • find out about how to turn a business idea into a real business.
  • learn how to manage other people and best get ahead in your own career.
  • find out the company strategies behind promotional offers.
  • explore whether businesses really do enough for the communities they operate in.
  • find out why big business can and do go bust.
  • how has the recession affected businesses and how it may affect your spending habits.

Theme 1 concepts: Investigating Small Business

Enterprise and entrepreneurship: Spotting a business opportunity; Putting a business idea into practice; Making the business effective; Understanding external influences on business.

Theme 2 concepts: Building a Business

Growing the business; Making the marketing decisions; Making operational decisions; Making financial decisions; Making human resource decisions.

Exam Board – Edexcel
Final Grade – New GCSE Grades 1-9
Structure of Assessment  
Year 11 (May Final Examinations)
Minimum 10% Quantitative Skills
Paper 1: 50% of the final GCSE grade (1.5 hours).
Paper 2: 50% of the final GCSE grade (1.5 hours).
Both papers include multiple choice questions, short and extended answers.