Curriculum – KS4 Design and Technology

Why Choose GCSE Design and Technology?

GCSE Design & Technology is a new GCSE combining Graphics and Product Design. It provides students with the perfect opportunity to create, design, and make beautiful graphic and product designs. The subjects already overlap extensively so, students will continue to be able to pursue either a graphic or a product solution, with a broader choice of design opportunities and experiences in the course. They can invent, play and experiment. They will be taught skills to develop their own style and create beautifully crafted concepts and prototypes that solve commercial problems in a real life context.

GCSE Design and Technology provides students with:

  • An opportunity to think and explore their own creativity to solve a real life situation.
  • A chance to develop their presentation and drawing skills, using both hand rendered and computer skills to create professional design pages.
  • A chance to challenge and stretch their presentation, tool and machine skills as well as to learn new techniques including, CADCAM, computer modelling and 3D printing and prototyping.
  • An opportunity to develop creative skills that can aid and assist them across all their subjects.

GCSE Design & Technology also provides students with an excellent start to a broad range of careers such as: STEM subjects, Engineering, Product Design, Graphic Design, Set Design, Interior Design, Automotive Design, Advertising, Website Design, and Architecture.
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Course Content

Year 10 – 11:

Component 1 – Exam

Section A – Core Content (40 marks) – Core topics include; taking products to market and building a successful business; new technologies for example, 3D printing; ethics; our environment and how, as future designers, we can minimise damage as well as considering our society and wider cultures.
Section B – Material Categories (60 marks) – Students choose their preferred material eg. paper and card for graphics and, answer questions showing their specialist knowledge of the material area.
Exam is taken at the end of Year 11.

Component 2 – This is a non-exam assessment (NEA).

This coursework aims to develop a student’s individual, innovative and creative response to a contextual challenge using drawing skills and encouraging modelling and evaluating resulting in A design portfolio and the making of a quality prototype product. Graphic products are normally made from paper, card and plastics, and can be such things as 2D posters and adverts, business cards, ticket design, Business cards, food packaging and 3D sale displays. Products can be made from paper, card and plastics but also could include wood, metal and textiles. They could be lights, furniture, display, games and toys to name but a few!

Exam Board – Edexcel
Final Grade – New GCSE Grades 1-9
Structure of Assessment
Component 1 – 50% GCSE, Exam, 100 marks, 1hour 45 minutes
Component 2 – 50% GCSE, NEA, Coursework, 100 marks