Curriculum – KS4 Drama

Why Choose Drama?

GCSE Drama will help you gain confidence, work in a group and develop your leadership skills. Drama is highly regarded by Universities and employers as a subject that gives students, the creativity, problem solving and teamwork skills that are so highly sought after.

Course Content

Unit 1: Devising a play

Devising, is an exciting and challenging opportunity to work collaboratively with others to explore a range of stimuli in order to create an original performance piece. Devising is essential for the development of new theatre and performance; it allows for personal development and exploration. Students will develop skills in group work, research and negotiation, while also developing creativity, performance and design skills. Students will consider the impact that they can make on an audience, as they develop the ideas that they want to communicate.

Unit 2: Performance

Performance texts have been at the core of drama since the inception of theatre. The need to hand down stories has been fundamental to human development and for thousands of years, people have written, performed, watched and enjoyed innumerable plays. In this unit Students will chose 2 extracts, a monologue/ duologue and a group scene to perform to an external examiner.

Unit 3: Written Exam

Students will write an exam, which they will prepare for across the two years that will include:

  • An evaluation of a live play that we will go and see
  • A directorial vision of how to use Drama to put on scenes of a play studied in class.

Exam Board – Edexel
Final Grade – New GCSE Grades 1-9
Structure of Assessment
40%: Devised play assessed through coursework and practical
20%: Practical Performance Externally Assessed
40%: Final written exam – Theatre review and directorial vision of performance of set text