Curriculum – KS4 Religion, Ethics and Philosophy (REP)

Course Content

All students at St Marylebone follow an AQA GCSE examination course in Religious Studies in Years 9 and 10. Whilst there are two units taught, (Religious Teachings and Practices in Year 9 and Religious, Philosophical, and Ethical themes in Year 10) both units will be examined at the end of Year 10 leading to a Full Course GCSE in Religious Studies.

As we are a church school we value Religion, Ethics and Philosophy highly. We believe that it is important for students to develop their knowledge and understanding of religious beliefs and practices. In understanding the beliefs that lie behind these practices we can gain an appreciation of different cultures which can challenge prejudice and discrimination:

If you know nothing about a people, you can believe anything said about them.

It is also hoped that students will consider their own stance in relation to religious and moral issues and explore the spiritual dimension of life.

Religion, Ethics and Philosophy courses involve the development of a range of skills: the ability to describe and explain both religious and non-religious attitudes, evaluate arguments and justify personal viewpoints.

Religious Studies lessons: 2 lessons per week in Year 9 and Year 10

Year 9: Religious Teachings and Practices

The following four units are studied; Christianity: Beliefs and Teachings, Christianity: Practices, Islam: Beliefs and Teachings, Islam: Practices. These topics address each faith thoroughly providing a platform for the second year of the GCSE.

Year 10: Religious, Philosophical and Ethical Studies

The following four units are studied; Religion, Peace and Conflict; Religion, Human Rights and Social Justice; Religion and Life, Relationships and families. Each topic is considered from Christian and Muslim viewpoints, drawing upon year 9 study.

Year 11 REP Day
In Year 11 students will take part in an REP day in which they will be able to discuss philosophical and ethical issues. We usually have a guest speaker (a lecturer from a local university) who can guide us through some of the more pertinent discussions relating to God and the Universe.

Exam Board – AQA
Final Grade – New GCSE Grades 1-9
Structure of Assessment  
 100% of the final GCSE grade Final written exam  x 2