Curriculum – KS4 Science (Combined)


Course Content

Students will study the Combined Science GCSE through Years 10 and 11 and begin studying it during Year 9. All courses cover Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Topics on the specification are listed below. Topics that appear to be missing will be taught to students taking the Separate Science GCSEs only.

All students will follow this course:
(unless they select separate sciences as an options subject)

Biology (Paper 1&2)

Overarching concepts in Biology
Cells and Controls
Natural Selection
Health, Disease and Medicine
Plant Structures and Functions
Animal co-ordination
Exchange and Transport

Chemistry (Paper 3&4)

Formulae, equation and hazards
Overarching concepts in Chemistry
States of matter
Methods of separating
Obtaining and using metals
Electrolytic processes world
Reversible reactions and equilibria
Groups 1,7 and 0
Rates of reaction
Heat energy changes
Earth and atmospheric science

Physics (Paper 5&6)

Overarching concepts in Physics
Light and the electromagnetic spectrum
Particle Model 1
Energy – forces doing work
Forces and their effects
Electricity and circuits
Magnetism and the motor effect
Electromagnetic induction
Particle model 2
Forces and matter

Exam Board – EDEXCEL
Final Grade – New GCSE Grades 1-9
Structure of Assessment