Curriculum – KS5 Dance

About this subject

Examination Board: AQA

Units Taken: Component 1 and 2

Link to Specification: Click here.

Course Content

This course focuses on the development of own choreography, especially group dances. Performance skills are developed in a range of styles and demonstrated in a solo and a quartet. Candidates develop critical skills for the analysis of choreography in professional repertoire and learn about the development of dance as an art form.

Component 1:

  • Solo performance linked to a specified practitioner
  • Performance in a Quartet
  • Group Choreography

Component 2:

Knowledge, understanding and critical appreciation of set works

  • Section A: Rooster and Rambert Dance Company
  • Section B: Sutra and Contemporary Dance in Britain

Skills Gained from Taking this Course

Choreographic, performance and analytical skills.

Dance technique and understanding of professional training.

Creative and artistic skills. Non-verbal communication skills and presentation skills. Physical skills including fitness. Team working skills and the ability to work independently.

St Marylebone Entry Requirements

To gain entry into the sixth form at St Marylebone School, students must gain a minimum of five 9-6 grades at GCSE and a 5 grade in English and Maths GCSE.

Subject Specific Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in Dance GCSE,


successful suitability test.

Entry Suggestions

Students wishing to undertake this qualification must be independent workers who are prepared to work outside the regular school hours to attend performances, rehearsals and events. All students must be fit and healthy and have high standards of attendance and punctuality.

If you are made an offer, you will be expected to complete the following before your first lesson in September:

Try to attend some Dance classes over the holidays. Carry out core exercises such as sit-ups 4 times a week and take part in cardiovascular activity for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week.

Watch videos of Rambert Dance Company’s repertoire on the following links.

Resources Needed for this Course:

Regular theatre trips @ around £10 per ticket.

Scholarship Guidance Document – Performing Arts