Curriculum – KS5 Economics

Examination Board: AQA

Units Taken: 1) Markets and market failure, 2) National and international economy, 3) Economic principles and issues

Link to Specification: Click here.

Course Content

The new A-level specification gives a strong grounding in Economics through updating Micro Economics to include a more applied focus and a Macro Economic unit offering new concepts including behavioural economics, emerging global economies and commercial banking.
  • The specification draws on the strengths of the previous AS and A2 specification and advances these strengths by including a popular pre-release in paper 3 and more focus on writing compared to the old specification which had a multiple choice element.
  • The new A-Level cuts the assessment burden on students with the number of exams (two at AS, two at A2) to 3 exams.
  • Simple, straightforward assessment, with no coursework.

Skills Gained from Taking this Course

This A Level course is excellent preparation for those students intending to pursue economics at degree level, or for anyone considering a career with an economic angle.

St Marylebone Entry Requirements

To gain entry into the sixth form at St Marylebone School, students must gain a minimum of five 9-6 grades at GCSE and a 5 grade in English and Maths GCSE.

Subject Specific Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in English Language GCSE and Maths GCSE.

Entry Suggestions

  • Love of current affairs
  • Interest in Maths
  • Independent learner
  • Essay writing skills as well as ability to interpret numerical data

If you are made an offer, you will be expected to complete the following before your first lesson in September:

  1. Listen to two New Economics Foundation podcasts and write short notes summarising the main points.
  2. Read three articles from the Economist that sound interesting- they don’t have to be really obviously linked to Economics. Write short notes summarising the main points.
  3. Read one of these books: Freakonomics by Levitt and Dubner, The Logic of Life by Harford, Free Lunch: Easily Digestible Economics by Smith, The Armchair Economist by Landsburg, The Undercover Economist (or the ‘strikes back’ version) by Harford.

Resources Needed for this Course:

Textbook: Approximately £25
Economist subscription £15