Curriculum – KS5 Politics

Examination Board: Edexel

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NB: We are only offering the full Government and Politics A level which means that all exams will take place at the end of Year 13.

Course Content

Government and Politics A Level is lively, relevant & controversial. An enriching and challenging course that will develop the skills necessary to critically analyse and evaluate information, reach strong and supported judgments, and use knowledge to present persuasive and mature arguments. You will expand your existing knowledge and develop a broad and sophisticated understanding of British Politics and core understanding of political ideologies. The new A-level offers an exciting new opportunity to study Global Politics. We live in a complex world with significant challenges, including global terrorism, poverty, economic instability, weapons proliferation, failing states and environmental degradation. The study of Global politics gives students an opportunity to develop an understanding of the local, national, international and global dimensions of political activity. Politics A-level develops confident,  articulate and passionate students and a great course if you’re considering studying politics, sociology, ethics, advertising or journalism at university and is highly regarded by employers in industries including politics, international organisations, the media, government and the civil service.

There are three broad areas of study:

  • The government and politics of the UK
  • Global Politics
  • Political ideas

Skills Gained from Taking this Course

  • Persuasion through the development of substantial, structured and compelling arguments
  • Communication and expressing yourself clearly
  • Critical analysis and evaluation of a wide range of information
  • A questioning outlook
  • A wider understanding of the political, social and economic developments of our world

St Marylebone Entry Requirements

To gain entry into the sixth form at St Marylebone School, students must gain a minimum of five 9-6 grades at GCSE and a 5 grade in English and Maths GCSE.

Subject Specific Entry Requirements

6 in English language GCSE.

Entry Suggestions

An interest in current affairs, a naturally curious mind, a love of learning and good written communication skills.

If you are made an offer, you will be expected to complete the following before your first lesson in September:

Reading List:

  • Reading daily newspapers and keeping up with current events
  • British Politics: A Very Short Introduction, 2nd edition, by Tony Wright
  • Geopolitics: A Very Short Introduction, Second Edition, Klaus Dodds
  • Globalization: A Very Short Introduction, Fourth Edition Manfred B. Steger
  • International Relations: A Very Short Introduction, Paul Wilkinson
  • Governance: A Very Short Introduction, Mark Bevir

Resources Needed for this Course:

The course is complemented by visits to the Houses of Parliament, outside speakers, societies and visits to political debates and discussions.