Curriculum – KS5 Latin


Examination Board: OCR

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Course Content

Both the AS and the A2 courses cover Unseen Latin Language and Latin Verse and Prose Literature. The Latin Language involves further grammar study, building on what has been covered previously in Latin, and vocabulary.  The examination of this for AS Level is an unseen passage of Latin and either a slightly harder unseen passage of Latin with comprehension questions or a few short sentences to translate from English to Latin.  The examination of this for A2 Level will be one paper with two unseen passages of Latin to translate, from a Prose author and a Verse author, and a second paper with either a passage with comprehension questions or a passage to translate from English into Latin.
The Literature will cover two authors for AS students: Ovid for the Verse, and Cicero for the Prose, and four authors for A2 students: Ovid and Virgil for the Verse, and Cicero and Tacitus for the Prose. For both AS and A2, preparation for this will involve translation of prescribed selections from the texts, and analysis of the language and techniques used by the different authors. There will be an examination on the texts at the end of Year 12 for the AS Latin students and at the end of Year 13 for the Latin A2 students. There is no coursework involved.
There is a biennial Year 12 and 13 trip to the Classical sites in Greece. It is open to the whole of Year 12 and 13, but Classics and Latin students are given priority for places on this trip.

Skills Gained from Taking this Course

  • Linguistic skills: analysis of linguistic structures, awareness of the structures of the components of the Latin and English language.
  • Analytical skills: literary, cultural and historical
  • Reading skills: texts with challenging content and language
  • Written expression and ability to plan and write essays.
  • Independent enquiry skills
  • Understanding of moral, social and political structures which are foundations of our own

St Marylebone Entry Requirements

To gain entry into the sixth form at St Marylebone School, students must gain a minimum of five 9-6 grades at GCSE and a 5 grade in English and Maths GCSE.

Subject Specific Entry Requirements

A 7 or above in Latin GCSE.

Entry Suggestions

Students should have a good grasp of the Vocabulary, Grammar and Syntax covered in Latin GCSE and enjoy working with the language. They should also enjoy studying the Literature and be able to analyse the different techniques used by authors. Successful students will have intellectual curiosity, will be motivated and inspired by the study of ancient sources, will not be put off by unusual and sometimes difficult Latin texts and will actively develop their knowledge through wider reading.

If you are made an offer, you will be expected to complete the following before your first lesson in September:

Download the AS Level Vocabulary List and start making revision cards for the Vocabulary;

Read: Imperium by Robert Harris and Tales from Ovid by Ted Hughes.

Resources Needed for this Course:

To be arranged by the school – if books need to be purchased by students they will be informed in September.