Curriculum – KS5 Media Studies

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Examination Board: OCR (H409)

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Our society is media-saturated and the institutions that produce media texts shape our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us.
In Media Studies you will:

  • Explore the range of media forms now in circulation.
  • Look at the role media texts play in our lives.
  • Develop a framework for critical analysis of media texts.
  • Exploring how media has evolved.

Course Content

You will study a range of media texts and topics, as well as the construction and deconstruction of media products, in the context of Media Language, Media Industries, Media Audiences and Media Representations.

Media Messages (35% Written Exam)

Learners consider the relationship between offline and online media products by completing two linked in-depth studies into contemporary newspapers, and their online counterparts, including social and participatory media. They develop the knowledge and understanding of media contexts, media language and representations through the study of advertising and marketing, magazines, and music video.

Evolving Media (35% Written Exam)

Learners develop knowledge and understanding of media contexts, media industries and audiences through the study of radio, video games and film They draw together knowledge and understanding from the whole course whilst considering television as an evolving media form through an indepth study centred around global contemporary long form television drama.

Making Media (30% Coursework)

Using contemporary media technologies you will produce a media portfolio for a series of briefs. For example British television soap opera promotion to include:

  • a one minute trailer for television and a two minute trailer for online
  • a website
  • a press kit

Skills Gained from Taking this Course

  • Practical production skills from mock-ups and storyboarding, to use of DTP programmes, Adobe Photopshop and Final Cut Pro.
  • Digital technology-Camera‚Äôs, sound recorders, video cameras.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Research and independent study.

St Marylebone Entry Requirements

To gain entry into the sixth form at St Marylebone School, students must gain a minimum of five 9-6 grades at GCSE and a 5 grade in English and Maths GCSE.

Subject Specific Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in English Language and good ICT skills.

Entry Suggestions

Media Studies is compatible with most subjects as well as with the concerns and interests of citizens in contemporary society.
It will:

  • Complement any A level choices offering you a practical / theoretical balance
  • Offer you opportunities for independent research and case studies
  • Give you the opportunity to use your creativity and imagination in production work
  • Teach you a critical language to analyse the media texts that fill our lives.

If you are made an offer, you will be expected to complete the following before your first lesson in September:

Preparing for Yr 12 – 2020

Media Studies Transition Tasks Summer 2020

Media A level Leap_into_Media_InspirationAct

Resources Needed for this Course: