How are Marylebone teachers enabled to work with students with SEND? What training do they receive?

Marylebone teachers are trained to support students with SEND through the following, according to staff and student needs:

  • Advice and support from the SEND team regarding individual students.
  • Collaboration in designing personalised intervention plans which explain the student’s needs, recommend strategies and identify targets.
  • INSET for all staff regarding students with EHCPs or Statements, run by the SEND team.
  • INSET for all staff on skilled differentiation, run by the SEND and Teaching & Learning teams.
  • INSET for all new and trainee staff on SEND, run by the SEND team.
  • Specialist INSET sessions by relevant professionals or agencies working with students on our roll with SEND.

All teachers are expected to account for their interventions to support students with SEND in their lesson planning. Provision for SEND is reviewed in Learning Walks and lesson observations.
In addition to the SEND team (see Question 1 and the “Roles and Responsibilities” section below), we also work with a range of other professionals and external agencies including:

  • Educational Psychology Service
  • Speech and Language Therapy Service
  • Hearing Impairment Specialist Service
  • Visual Impairment Specialist Service
  • Specialist Advisory Service for ASD