How will Marylebone help my child in transition between schools?

Students with SEND can become particularly anxious about transitions. At St Marylebone we seek to support successful transition in the following ways:

Year 6 to Year 7 transition:

  • The SENCos will attend St Marylebone Open Evenings to discuss the specific needs of students with SEND and will help to determine if the School can meet these needs.
  • Where possible, the SENCo will attend the Year 6 annual review prior to her arrival at St Marylebone. If this isn’t possible a formal meeting will be arranged with the primary school’s SENCo. ∙ Where appropriate, additional multi-agency meetings can be arranged to create a more detailed transition plan.
  • Students with Statements or EHCPs are invited to 3-day transition programme ahead of the transition visits done by the rest of Year 6. In this way, these students become more familiar with the setting and more confident with the transition to secondary school.
  • Tutors and teachers are trained and advised about the students with SEND arriving into Year 7 before the students arrive.

KS3 to KS4 transition:

  • All students receive one-to-one advice and guidance from members of the Senior Leadership on their KS4 Options.
  • For students with SEND, this is further advised by meetings with the Independent Careers Advisor and SENCo.

Year 11 to Post-16 transition:

  • Our Independent Careers Advisor provides a programme of one-to-one meetings with students with SEND through KS4 to support them in their Post-16 decision-making.
  • Students are given a list of appropriate sixth form schools and colleges, showing when open evenings are. Where appropriate, students are accompanied to these open days.
  • Taster days are organised where appropriate, giving students an experience of study on particular post-16 courses.
  • The SEND team will liaise with the relevant staff at any new school or college to ensure the student has a smooth transition.

Year 13 to Post-18 transition

  • Students with SEND are supported in their applications to further education, training, employment, or independent living.
  • This support is personalised and provided by our SEND Team and Independent Careers Advisors.

Moving to another school:

  • If a student is moving to another school, we will liaise with the new school’s SEND Department and ensure he/she knows about any special arrangements or support that needs to be made for the student.
  • We liaise closely with staff when receiving students from elsewhere and when transferring students to different schools, ensuring all relevant paperwork is passed on and all needs are understood.