How will we measure the progress of pupils with SEND?

  • Students’ progress is frequently monitored by subject teachers, in both formative and summative assessment. Those on SEN Support and EHC Plans are also tracked and monitored by the SEN team.
  • Progress is reviewed formally every term and a teacher-assessed level given for that subject.
  • Two Academic Review Days and one Parents’ Evening for each student are held every year.
  • Pupils on SEN Support, including those with a statement for SEND or an EHCP, also have a Pupil Profile which is reviewed three times yearly, with parental involvement. This could be with the SEN team or the Tutor, depending on the individual student’s needs and intervention requirements.
  • The progress of students with a statement or EHCP for SEND is formally reviewed at an annual review. All adults and professionals involved with the child’s education are invited to this meeting as appropriate.