What support will there be for my child’s happiness and well being at St. Marylebone?

  • All staff at St. Marylebone value the happiness and well-being of young people and understand the impact this has on progress, attainment and personal development. We have an experienced pastoral team, who offer a range of personalised interventions for students.
  • The Head of Year is responsible for the overall progress and well-being of students in his / her year group. Each is supported by an Assistant Head of Year. Each Form group has two Form Tutors who see their Form group twice a day, at morning and afternoon registrations. The Form Tutors monitor their students’ progress and well-being through daily interactions and observation, data-monitoring, Academic Review Days and in Key Stage meetings.
  • The school also employs three Learning Mentors, a Counsellor, a Family Therapist and a School Nurse. This team of professionals work closely together and their support is matched to the needs of individual students.