6th Form: Future Paths

Year on year, all St Marylebone sixth formers progress onwards to pursue really interesting and worthwhile pathways, at university, in the workplace, in the UK or abroad. Our role is to prepare them for this with a well-informed programme starting in Year 12 to which staff dedicate a great deal of time and experience. We pride ourselves in the number of students achieving their first choice future pathway. These include a high proportion of students moving onto Russell Group Universities as well as students moving into their first choice apprenticeship and Performing or Visual Arts courses.

Treating every student as an individual

There is no single type of St Marylebone sixth former. We encourage individuality and our pastoral care and future pathway provision is personalised. Each student has a tutor whom they meet twice daily. Tutors guide students to further support and expertise; they also draft the Higher Education references. The positive student-tutor relationship is vital; planned tutorials and meetings also ensure that students are leading a balanced lifestyle and achieving their academic best. If the tutor feels that more support is necessary, they will help the student to access this, whether in school or through outside-school agencies.

St Marylebone also offers excellent provision in Special Educational Needs, English as an Additional Language, counselling, mentoring and chaplaincy. We recognise the steepness of the jump from Year 11 to Year 12 and we design our induction programme to address this, including a two-day programme at the start of the year which both sets expectations and fosters good learning relationships, friendships and community.

Outstanding future pathway support

Supporting students and their parents or carers through to Higher Education is really important. We have a dedicated careers guidance team and offer employer engagement talks, visits, off-timetable days, STEM events, mentoring and interview days. This includes special classes for those choosing to take Art Foundation and Drama courses. All of this contributes to our students making the right choices about their Higher Education. Students leave St Marylebone to study a really exciting range of courses, at an impressive variety of universities. It is these adventurous, independent young adults we turn out into the world of which we are most proud.