6th Form: Scholarships

Scholarships Offered for Post 16 Education at St Marylebone

Students applying for a Sixth Form place at St Marylebone School can apply for Performing Arts scholarships in the following subjects: Music, Music Technology, Dance, Drama, Maths and ICT.

Performing Arts

Those wishing to apply for a scholarship should be intending to study their chosen scholarship subject at A-level.

Scholars in Year 12 & 13 play an important role in the school’s Performing Arts subjects. They act as ambassadors for Performing Arts events and activities across the whole school, and are often selected to take leading roles in performances and concerts. Sixth Form scholars are given opportunities to lead their own artistic projects, creating fantastic student-led productions. Scholars at Sixth Form level are also given responsibilities to support the work of the Performing Arts faculty with younger students in Years 7 to 11.

Extra-curricular activities are an important part of the life of a Performing Arts Scholar at Sixth Form and students enjoy expanding their experiences and knowledge. Students wishing to apply for a scholarship for entry into Year 12 have to attend an audition in addition to their Advice and Guidance meeting. These auditions usually take place in February. Applicants will be written to prior to the date of their audition with details of the date, time and venue for the audition, as well as information regarding what the audition will involve.

Maths and Computing

Maths and ICT scholars are also appointed in Year 12, having been selected as part of the Sixth Form admissions process. This involves sitting a test and having a discussion with a Maths or ICT teacher in addition to the Advice and Guidance meeting.

Scholars for Maths and ICT at Sixth Form act as ambassadors for their subject to the rest of the school. They take part in extra-curricular activities and are called upon to support the work of the Maths and ICT departments throughout the school. Sixth Form scholars are given opportunities to help younger students and help promote the school’s Maths and Computing status through external events and activities.