St Marylebone School plans for September 2020
Dear parents, carers and students,
Here is a filmed message from Ms Pugh about St Marylebone’s plans for opening in the autumn.  Please watch and listen.  For reference, the slides are also attached, but we recommend watching the short film first. 
Best regards,
St Marylebone

Friday 10th July 2020

Dear students, parents and carers,

The theme of the week has been “participation”.   In this week’s Thought for the Day, students explored this theme in terms of Black Lives Matter and how to participate in anti-racism.  Participating in this Thought for the the Day are Ms Sainsbury, Natasha (Y7), Patricia (Y7), Philippine (Y9), Leyya (Y9), Madison (Y9), Kenya’h (Y11), Miss Harrison-Beesley, Ms Free, Miss Dunworth, Ms Active and Miss Cooper.   

I encourage you to watch it on YouTube here or on Planet eStream here. At the end of this letter are the web links from Thought for the Day, should you want to explore further.   

This week the School has also welcomed a letter signed by 610 former and current students asking that our curriculum reflects better the experiences, history and culture of people from BAME backgrounds.   This letter adds to what we are hearing in our student focus groups and discussions, to our teachers views and the work we are doing to improve the School’s approach to anti-racism. 

On the same topic, and in case you missed last week’s Bulletin, I encourage you to watch Kezia, Anu and Isabelle in Year 11 interview Mark Winston Griffith, a social and political thinker, policy-influencer, broadcaster and Director of Brooklyn Movement Centre. You can watch it on Planet eStream here.  

This Wednesday, we held a memorial service for Divine (Y10)  in the St Marylebone Church.  Divine’s friends and teachers put thought, creativity and compassion into the service, sharing their memories, giving each other love and support, and commemorating Divine with a really moving combination of grace, joy and sadness.

Next week, the Year 7 and Year 8 Creative Curriculum lessons culminate in a showcase of their work and I am excited to join the online audience.  Years 7 and 8: make sure you are participating!  

And next week we will also share with you what we hope to be able to do in September to welcome all students back to school.  There will be an end of term assembly for all students which they will access via their Form Group Google Classroom on the morning of Friday 17th July.

Best regards,

Ms Pugh


Links from Thought for the Day
Participation: Black Lives Matter and how to participate in anti-racism

If you are in Year 7, the age-rating for Instagram is 13+ so ask an adult before following these links. For all students, it is important that you ask a parent or carer’s permission before signing petitions or sharing personal details.

Artwork by Shirien

Artwork by FÀNDÉ – a black owned fashion line

Homescreen for Petitions – UK Government and Parliament

Homescreen for

Homescreen for BeLeve’s website

Instagram for BeLeve

Black British History Book: Black Influence on British Culture (1948 – 2016) by Robin Walker, Vanika Marshall, Paula Perry and Anthony Vaughan.

The workshops BeLeve has to offer

Artwork by April Moralba


    The bulletin for the academic year (week starting Monday 21st September 2020) is available using the following link.   (You can also see the archive of bulletins using the link in the menu above). 

    Student Bulletin WB 21st September 2020
  • St Marylebone School update letter

    Friday 4th September 2020

    Dear St Marylebone students, parents and carers,

    Welcome back!  

    It’s been great to see Years 7, 10 and 12 back at school this week and smoothly re-adjusting to St Marylebone ways.   We look forward to welcoming all students in all year groups back on Monday.  

    This letter contains a repeat of information you might already have seen.  

    Our plans for re-opening school have been fully risk-assessed and approved by the Governing Body.  The plans are as explained in July, in the video shared with you all.  You can watch or re-watch this by clicking here.   

    Importantly, we need all parents / carers to complete a new Home-School Agreement to show that the new rules and expectations are understood.  If you have not done this, please click on this link to open the Home-School Agreement.  This needs to be completed by the date your child starts school in September.   If you have more than one child at the School, you only need complete it once, giving both / all three students’ names and years at once. 

    Here are some other updates and reminders.  

    1. Term start dates
      Years 7 and 12 started yesterday, Thursday 3 September 2020

    Year 10 started today, Friday 4 September 2020

    Years 8, 9, 11, 13 start on Monday 7 September 2020

    Students should arrive on-site before 8.30am but not before 8am.

    1. Zones and entrances / exits
      As you heard in the July plan, each year group has been assigned a zone and entrance / exit gate.   This table tells you who goes where:

    Year group

    Entrance / exit


    Year 7

    Reception gate


    Year 8

    Site-keeper gate


    Year 9

    Reception gate

    Business / REP / MFL

    Year 10

    Astroturf gate

    Science (week A) / Maths (week B)

    Year 11

    Astroturf gate

    Maths (week A) / Science (week B)

    Year 12

    Blandford front door

    Year 12 Blandford zone 

    Year 13

    Blandford front door
    (back door on Monday mornings)

    Year 13 Blandford zone 

    6th Formers should look out for more information from the 6th Form team about your first days on site.

    We have staggered dismissal times, which are the same for each year group each day:

    Year 7:  3pm

    Year 8:  3.05pm

    Year 9:  3.10pm

    Year 10: 3.05pm

    Year 11: 3.15pm

    Year 12: 3.15pm

    Year 13: 3.15pm


    Students should leave swiftly through their allocated gate and not gather in large groups outside school. 

    1. Travel to and from school

    We are all asked to avoid or limit use of public transport. Walking or cycling is encouraged.  If you cycle, wear a helmet and reflective clothing for safety.

    Some students of course cannot avoid public transport to travel to school.  Everyone must wear a face covering and maintain social distancing as far as possible on public transport.  

    The School does not have bike racks or secure bike storage.  There are bike racks on Marylebone High Street or in the mews behind the School.  Bikes must be locked securely.  The School cannot take responsibility for personal possessions of this kind.  

    1. Uniform
      All students should return in full school uniform or, for Year 12 and 13, should be dressed in-line with the 6th Form dress-code.  The uniform list can be found on our website here

      On days when students have PE or Dance, they must come to school in the correct school PE or Dance kit for that day.  The changing rooms will not be in use, so they will not be changing in school.  Note: correct school PE or Dance kit means correct school PE or Dance kit, not other tracksuit trousers or hoodies.

    The cloakrooms will also not be in use, so if students wear a coat to school, they will keep it with them during the day.  It must go in a bag or on the back of the chair in classrooms. Note: coats must be plain black.

    Any family who is struggling to afford school uniform should contact the Head of Year. We want to be able to help you with this.  

    1. Face-coverings
      Students are not obliged to wear face-coverings in school but can do if they choose. The same goes for staff.  The School will continue to review and take advice on this and will update you if our stance changes.  
    1. Food and drink

    Update: next week, we are only able to cater on-site for students eligible for lunch being provided.  While we establish the routines around provision of lunch bags, we need everyone to bring food and drink to school with them. We will only be providing lunches to those who are eligible.  By the week of 14 September, we hope to have a system in place for anyone else wanting to order a lunch bag.

    Even once this system is in place, we strongly encourage students to bring food and drink to school with them.  This will reduce the numbers collecting school lunches and hence the amount of movement and mixing of students around school. For the same reason, there will not be any catering served on-site at breaktime, again, to reduce circulation and mixing of students. 

    However, lunch-bags will be provided at lunchtime for students eligible for Free School Meals and, once the system is established, for anyone who orders in advance. We are establishing this system with the caterers, Harrisons, and another message about how to order will be shared with you soon.

    Students eligible for Free School Meals are the School’s priority in all these points on catering. We do not want anyone to go without food.  If you think you might be eligible for Free School Meals but have not registered, visit this page to find out more:

    Students should bring a filled water bottle with them which can be re-filled at no-touch water fountains on-site.

    1. Equipment
      We ask that students bring to school the following equipment, to support their learning and limit the need for sharing, which in turn limits the risk of virus-transmission:  
    • writing pen 
    • HB pencil
    • 30cm ruler 
    • eraser/rubber 
    • pencil sharpener 
    • glue stick 
    • colouring pencils
    • scientific calculator 
    • scissors (round ended) 
    • protractor 
    • compass 
    • whiteboard marker
    • pencil case 
    • reading book 

    We understand that not everyone will get all these items in time for day one.  Students eligible for Free School Meals will be provided with an equipment kit from the School as soon as suppliers allow.  

    1. Advice and information from the Department for Education about the return to school
      The DfE asks parents / carers to visit for information and practical guidance to help them plan for their children’s return to school.  There is also guidance from the DfE for parents / carers about supporting young people’s mental health and wellbeing you can see by clicking here.  

    Our school website also includes guides to keeping children safe and supporting their wellbeing. Click here to see more.

    1. School is opening for all students in September.  

    Only in some cases should students not attend. The following must not come to the School site: 

    1. students with COVID-19 symptoms
    2. students who are self-isolating for 10 days having had symptoms of, or having tested positive for, COVID-19
    3. students who should be self-isolating for 14 days, due to contact with people who have tested positive for COVID-19
    4. anyone in quarantine for 14 days following a return from overseas from a country which is not exempt from this measure.

    This is set out in the Home-School Agreement. 

    We know this might be an uneasy time for some students and their families.  We are here to support students feeling anxious about returning or whose experience since March has been difficult. There is advice on supporting young people’s safety and wellbeing on our website here.   Meantime, we have confidence that, even if some things are a bit different, the welcoming, compassionate, creative St Marylebone will be able to welcome and support students.  We are all in this together. 

    Thank you for your support, please complete the Home-School Agreement and hooray for seeing students at school again!   


    Best regards,

    Ms Pugh


     The bulletin for the academic year (week starting Monday 14th September 2020) is available using the following link.   (You can also see the archive of bulletins using the link in the menu above). 

    Student Bulletin WB 14th September 2020



    The bulletin for the academic year (week starting Monday 7th September 2020) is available using the following link.   (You can also see the archive of bulletins using the link in the menu above). 

    Student Bulletin WB 7th September 2020

  • GCSE students: we are so proud of you!
    Today our Year 11 students received their GCSE results, along with Year 10 Religious Studies and the few Year 9 students taking Spanish early.
    We are so proud of you all.  Year 11, these results are yours and deserve celebration.  They reflect all your learning, effort and achievement, even with the turmoil you’ve been through since March.  We are especially proud of how you’ve responded today to your results, reflecting, taking advice and considering carefully your next steps.  Remember to keep in touch with us if you need more support.  
    Most of all, we are proud of the great young people you are.  Go shine.
  • Summer 2020 results
    The recent announcement from the Education Secretary (read it here) might have caused further confusion for students awaiting results tomorrow (A-Level) and next week (GCSE).  It does not change the process for GCSE and A-Levels results days which you can read about on the Exams page of our website here as well as in this newsfeed. 
    We know this is a difficult and confusing time, with mixed messages coming from the media also.  We ask students and their families not to speculate or panic about what this means.  
    OFQUAL have issued a statement (read it here), which says that “we understand why the government has wanted to provide some additional assurance for students, by confirming that evidence from valid mock exams can be considered as part of an appeal. We are working urgently to operationalise this as fairly as possible and to determine what standards of evidence will be required for the appeal. We will provide more detail early next week.
    So, when the School we can offer more information about this, we will. 
    Meantime, tomorrow, Thursday 13th August (A-Level), and on Thursday 20th August (GCSE), students will get a letter emailed to them from the St Marylebone Exams Office, giving them all the information they need.  Read this carefully and take time to think things through.  
    Meantime, St Marylebone School is working hard to get everything in place to offer students the support and information they need to secure their next steps.
  • 2020 Examinations

    Examination Results Days: GCSE and A Level

    This year the examination results days are: 


    A level: Thursday 13th August 2020

    GCSE:  Thursday 20th August 2020


    Due to the restrictions placed on us by COVID-19, your examination results will be sent to you via email and will not be available in School. They will be sent to the students’ school email addresses on the results days. We are only able to send them directly to the students themselves. The results will be accompanied by support about what to do next.

    If you have achieved the grades to progress to your next step there will be instructions as to what to do next.  For Year 11, this will include the form to complete your registration at The St Marylebone CE Sixth Form.  This will be completed online and there will be no need to come into school. If you have any queries about courses then there will be an opportunity to book an appointment to come into school. If you have not achieved your grades for the next step there will be the opportunity to make an appointment to come into school for advice and guidance.  Please don’t come into school without an appointment as we must limit the number of students on-site, for health and safety reasons.


    We know that many of you will be anxious about the awarding of grades this year. It is important that you know that the School and your teachers went through a detailed and careful process in April and May in order to send off grades to the exam boards that reflected the grades that you deserved. This process started by looking at the work you produced throughout the eighteen months of your course, not just one piece of work or exam. Teachers carefully followed the guidance given by Ofqual to ensure that the grade profile was similar to previous years in the School’s data.  They met together to discuss each student and rank, then these grades were analysed independently to ensure they were free from bias and that they fitted our School’s data  profile. The School then used this information to submit Centre Assessed Grades to the exam boards.  Remember that the School’s data profile is very strong and robust.  The St Marylebone School has an excellent track record in exams which Ofqual has said will support the awarding of the grades.


    The exam boards will be using the School’s Centre Assessed Grades and ranks to award the final grades, through a national standardisation process.  This process is independent of the School and we have no influence over it.

    After the results are published for you in August,  you can only access the grades awarded by the School (the Centre Assessed Grades) if you make a formal Subject Access Request. The details of how to do this will be included with your results. The School will also run an autumn exam season for students to sit exams if their grades are not as they expected and if these grades limit the student’s choices in the next stage of education. We recommend these exams are entered with caution and only if the outcomes will plausibly change the student’s next step in education. The details for applying for the autumn will follow after the results in August.


    Please note that school staff cannot, under any circumstances, discuss the grades awarded by the School, or the difference between these grades and the grades awarded in August, with students or their parents / carers.  It is considered malpractice by Ofqual for us to discuss individuals’ grades with students and their families. Thank you for understanding.  


    While it is certainly an unusual situation, and unsettling for students and the School, we feel confident that we have put the best of our efforts into the grading process, based on the School’s robust data profile, knowledge of our students as individuals and their courses. 


    Susan Anderson
    Assistant Headteacher

    The bulletin for the academic year (Summer Break issue) is available using the following link.   (You can also see the archive of bulletins using the link in the menu above).

    Student Bulletin Summer Break

  • St Marylebone School plans for September 2020
    Dear parents, carers and students,
    Here is a filmed message from Ms Pugh about St Marylebone’s plans for opening in the autumn.  Please watch and listen.  For reference, the slides are also attached, but we recommend watching the short film first. 
    Best regards,
    St Marylebone
  • Year 9 Award Celebration Parent Letter

    15th July 2020

    Dear Parent/Carer,

    I would like to begin by thanking you all for your support of your child’s Year 9 Award this year. I have been absolutely blown away by the incredible commitment shown by Year 9 to their Award, especially in the face of current challenges. The students have displayed the Marylebone 5 qualities both inside and outside of school to a wonderful extent and I am sure you are as proud of their achievements as I am.

    At this point in the academic calendar, we would usually gather together in Church to celebrate the students’ fantastic work and they would find out the level they have achieved for their Year 9 Award. Unfortunately, this has not been possible this year and instead, myself and other members of staff have worked hard to put together a virtual celebration for the students instead. This was shared with students on Monday via Google Classroom, so they should already be aware of the level that they achieved. Furthermore, some students were also awarded the Wow Award or Outstanding in the Face of Covid-19 Award, both impressive additional accomplishments.

    I would like to invite you to watch the virtual celebration video and join me in extending my warm congratulations to Year 9 upon the completion of their Award. You can find the video linked here

    I also encourage you to look through the virtual gallery of Independent Projects that the students have compiled. It has been a pleasure to see their hard work come to fruition and I hope you also enjoy looking at the gallery. You can find the virtual gallery linked here. Please note, if your child is yet to include their work in the gallery, there is still time to add to it, but please ensure this is completed as soon as possible.

    Once again, thank you for your support and I wish you a pleasant summer break.


    Kind regards,


    Miss Emma Harrison Beesley

    History teacher and i/c of Year 9 Award