Congratulations GCSE students!

Today St Marylebone students are collecting a set of really encouraging GCSE results. They’ve worked very hard for these grades, not least as most of these are new, challenging GCSEs being taken for the first time.
The students have achieved really strongly across a range of GCSEs, with great outcomes in across the curriculum: in the arts as much as the sciences. This will open doors to many post-16 pathways for them. 
86% of students passed both English and Maths.  
Across all the grades, 11% are grade 9 (the highest mark possible).
26% of grades are the equivalent of A* or higher (grades 8-9).
56% of all English grades are 7 or higher. 
Across all grades, 45% are grade 7 or above (or grade A or above). 
Over a third of students achieved a grade 9 in at least one subject. 
59% of students achieved a grade 8 or 9 in at least 1 subject (an A* or above).
75% of pupils achieved a grade 7, 8 or 9 in at least 1 subject (an A or above).
19 pupils achieved at least 3 grade 9 or more with one top performer who achieved eight grade 9s and one A*. 
We are also celebrating today the outstanding outcomes of the Year 10 GCSE Religious Studies which show the pride they take in their learning.  90% of students achieved a grade 4+ (equivalent of grade C) and 38% of the RS grades are grade 8 or 9 (the equivalent of A*). Well done Year 10!
The School is really proud of Year 10 and 11 for the energy and effort they put into their achievements and we are as ever grateful to the teachers whose dedication and commitment to young people’s learning is palpable.  Our thanks also to the parents and carers for their endurance and support, especially during the challenges of GCSEs. 
Congratulations students!

Congratulations A-Level students!

St Marylebone’s Year 13 deserve to celebrate their terrific A-Level achievements.  Their results, collected today, show how their hard work and drive have paid off, leading to exciting new chapters in their lives.  

Year 13 students have successfully secured desirable places at universities and colleges all over the country, studying meaningful subjects from mechanical engineering to Spanish and history, from art to maths and philosophy, from drama to languages, humanities, social sciences, law … the list goes on. 

Overall, the A-Level grades this year are really pleasing: 
71% A*-B  
92.5% A*- C
15% A* 
37% A* – A 

Thank you to the teachers whose dedication and love of learning has enabled these achievements and opened doors for Year 13.

Parents and carers: thank you for your support for your daughters and sons and the School during their sixth form education. I hope you feel as proud as we do of the young people leaving St Marylebone.   

 Students: well done to you. Celebrate! Enjoy! And all the very best for the future.


Winning Year 9 Dance and Music Videos

We invite you to watch and marvel at the skill and creativity of these Year 9 music and dance videos.  Well done to the girls who put such creative effort, skill and attention to detail into making these.