A-Level Students: we salute you!

A message to all St Marylebone students receiving their A-Level results today: 
We are so proud of you.  You’ve had to go through unprecedented turmoil and disappointment and now have suffered the slings and arrows of an unpredictable grading process.  Hearing from you today, we know some of you are glad, some disappointed, some relieved, some confused, some angry, some happy.
To those of you who are pleased with your grades, and those who’ve secured their next step in education, at university or in training, well done.  And equally, for those of you still wrangling with the process and working through your options – well done for your tenacity and patience.  Many of you have spoken with one of our team today for advice and support. Do act on this advice and don’t give up.  
In time to come, you’ll look back at this day and I hope you feel as proud of yourselves as we do of you today.  Whatever the grades: we salute you, Year 13.