Careers – KS3

Sited near the school Library we deliver a comprehensive Careers programme to build up a student’s awareness of the wide range of opportunities open to them both in their future education and eventual employment. Strong focus is placed on developing their understanding of their interests, skills and qualities and the importance of developing these both in school and outside school in achieving their ambitions for the future.


Students start to develop their awareness of the opportunities in the world of work and start to become familiar with careers’ vocabulary.
A busy careers year for year 7 with 3 initiatives:

  1. The Family Tree of Work – Students create their family tree of work focusing on the different jobs family or friends do. We explore the student’s primary Network.
  2. WoW! Competition. (WoW! = Windows on Work) – Students watch short videos about different jobs and answer questions. We explore Qualifications and Pathways to Employment.
  3. Group Work Sessions – students take the ‘Buzz Test’, find out their ‘animal type’ and start to outline their skills and qualities.

Year 8

  1. ‘Behind the Brand’ trips – a part the SMS Work Related Learning initiative.
    Students visit different companies and explore the variety of Job Roles available, talk to employees, are set a Dragon’s Den type challenges and make presentations back to the business.  As part of the Year 8 PPE strand they have 5 lessons centred on delineating their Skills & qualities.
  2. During this strand they are introduced to FAST TOMATO – A fun, online tool with questions to help them delineate their Skills, Interests and preferred Works Styles.
  3. Then, in role play, they have their first taste of using the ‘STAR’ technique (Situation, Task, Action, Result’) to enable them to tell their ‘skills stories’ to impress future potential employers.

Year 9

We explore their interests and subject strengths in the lead up to students choosing their Options for their GCSE subjects. Emphasis is laid on the value of undertaking extra-curricular activities at school and at home to build transferable skills.

Students are introduced to the ‘Post-16 Qualification Pathway’ map to become familiar with the different requirements of Academic learning (A-levels), Vocational learning (NVQ) and Work Related learning (Apprenticeships) that they face after GCSEs.

Group Sessions – are conducted by one of our Independent Careers Advisers. We focus on Options , making choices and the process of making good decisions.

Options Careers Fair – We invite over 50 companies and organisation to come and talk to students and Parents/Carers about what they do and what their companies can offer. There is a special Meeting Room where we invite Apprentices to speak to students and give them the opportunity to present their business.

‘Behind the Brand’ trips opportunities – continue as a part the  Work Related Learning initiative.

Introduction to the live Opportunities List – Main School – Link here A weekly listing of ideas and opportunities for ENRICHMENT and CAREER EXPLORATION – Insight Events, Workshops, Summer Schools, Parent Information. The latest Opportunities are also shown in the weekly School Bulletin