Our School

St Marylebone School is a thriving example of how great education can be. Our culture of achievement is fuelled by a love of learning, grounded in Christian values and driven by a dynamic creativity and a joyful sense of community.

“This school is an exceptional place, where students flourish both academically and personally within a strong spiritual ethos.” OFSTED

Our students thrive academically and evolve into young adults of whom we are really proud. They rise to our high expectations, benefit from outstanding teaching, are motivated by each other and passionate subject specialist teachers. During their time here, students develop independent learning skills, social conscience, creativity and self-confidence. They are valued as individuals while learning how they are part of something bigger than themselves.

Our staff both inspire and support. They have pride in their profession and their positive work ethic and sense of courage and joy rubs off on our students. We don’t pretend that adolescence and the challenges of secondary education are plain-sailing. Rather, we encourage young people to identify and address their difficulties, learn from mistakes, overcome obstacles and know themselves and the world better as a result.

We enjoy all the opportunities of our inner London setting, making the most of the city’s arts, culture, business and enterprise for our students’ enrichment – yet the school sites themselves are havens of creativity, learning and reflection. St Marylebone is here to ensure that our young people can all experience “life in all its fullness”. To be Headteacher here is a great privilege and adventure.

Kathryn Pugh